Friday, June 4, 2010

[Article] A Corporation's Purpose

Everything that corporations do, they do for money. A corporation is a structure to make money; that's what it does. They maximize the profit for the least amount of effort.

It's the same principle as using the most effective knife to slice a tomato. You use a sharp knife to pierce the tough (and yet thin) skin overlaying the soft insides. You use a cutting board so that you don't damage your counter. You (hopefully) wash the tomato if you bought it from a store since it may carry diseases or poisons. Or maybe you home-grew it because you want all the enzymes and life that the heirloom tomato has to offer.

That's called being effective at what you're doing.

But being effective at preparing the tomato for your salad is unfortunately very different than the corporation being effective at making money.

To be effective at making money, the corporation is very carefully ineffective at just about everything else. Such as providing safe and useful products.

I wrote about one corporation and their lack of effectiveness in an entry called "Bayer; Advertisements Are Misleading" on June 23rd 2010 after seeing their latest advertisement on Hulu while watching Gunslinger Girl.

There is no money in curing you. There is no money in giving you a permanent solution. If you're cured, then you no longer need to pay for expensive treatment. If you already believe you're beautiful, then there is no way to sell you cosmetics. If you have enough fulfillment in your life, then how will they get you to watch their advertisements on TV? If your skin is healthy, how will they sell you expensive skin treatments and lotions? If you're cured of the cancer, how will they recommend toxic, expensive and ineffective treatments? If you grew your own food, how will they get you to come out of your house to buy their synthetic food? If your computer lasted forever, how would they get you to buy the newest model?

The corporations want you to keep spending your money. Giving it to them once just isn't enough. They want repeat customers.

They get paid when you suffer, when you die, when you're sick. I'm not exaggerating. The Corporations have the power; the power you give them as a consumer who gives them your money.

For example, here is an in-depth article about how they poison you for profit.

The last thing these corporations want is for you to not need them. They can not survive without you; the consumer.

But what if you stopped needing them? What if you grew your own food? What if you decided you didn't want to buy all the trinkets imported from china? What if you limited spending that wasn't going to friends, family and local businesses as much as was possible?

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