My husband and I (Jay and Raederle) started a radio show called Eat Live: Live Well.

The show is about health in general, the power of raw food, how to heal, how to become stronger, and so on. Anything of importance relating to health, including emotional health.

Our aim is to empower you to heal yourself.

The show is broadcast by the station Think Twice Radio, and the audio for the shows are located on their website, which you can access here.

Each episode has an accompanying outline (which is linked with the audio), which you can access here.

These shows are not broadcast live, however we can not edit them once they are created. We drive to the station, we record the show and there is no pausing, or editing. It's free-flowing dialogue, with minimally "scripted" information.

Before doing the episodes we double-check our facts. Just because we've thought we right about something, or thought we knew something does not mean we know it well enough to be prepared to present it in this way. Because of this, we do refer to exact numbers, measurements, terms, data, etc, on paper in front of us.

It's the opposite of empowerment if you're given false information; it is our aim to bring you information that accurate, concise and useful in your day to day life.

We hope you learn a lot and enjoy the episodes. Feel free to e-mail me feedback at my e-mail, which is my first name followed by ""

Best wishes and hugs,