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[Article Blog] Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers
December 2011

"I always get shin splints after about a min of skipping, any ideas where I go wrong?"

That could be a need for trace minerals.

Most of us get a somewhat decent amount of iron and calcium, but then we can't utilize our nutrients due to lack of trace minerals.

Do you eat any seaweeds?
High-mineral sea salt?
Drink wheatgrass?

Each of those is high in different kinds of trace minerals.

I notice when my trace mineral content is low, my fingernails start breaking off easily within a couple weeks.

Also, Vitamin D is required to get calcium from the gut to the bloodstream. Then something I have not looked into too much yet, called "Vitamin F" is needed to get calcium from the bloodstream to the tissue. Skin, muscles and bones all need volumes of calcium.

I do not suggest calcium supplementation, but rather looking for foods high in calcium because so many vitamins are required to utilize the minerals we take in.

"My stomach has been hurting after everything I eat. I'm at a place where everything feels potentially harmful. What should I do?"

The answer to this question is now here on -- and it has been updated with new information.

"My bones are bothering me constantly. They pop without even trying."

The answer to this question is now here on -- and it has been updated with new information.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[Blog] Radiant & Raw

Radiant & Raw

Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries
So full of antioxidants
You think that was an accident?
Nature doesn't make mistakes
Change now, that's all it takes
Wake up and raise the stakes.

Celery, Kale and Sesame seeds;
Natural sources of sodium,
Providing balance in your cranium,
As long as you get your potassium,
And don't forget the water,
Hydration makes you hotter,
Sexy, sophisticated, strong and sleek;
Raise your body to it's peak.

Don't settle for minimum,
Raise up to the maximum.
Jojoba jumping jubilance;
Exulting exotic exuberance.
Enter abundance,
Forget reminisce.
Fill your life with anticipation,
Elite standards of elation,
Moving motions of motivation,
Goals, gifts and gratification.

Papaya, Pineapple and Mangoes;
Putting the punch in your tango.
Broccoli, Brussels and Bok Choy;
Bring on beautiful joy.
Chilies, Cayenne, and Garlic,
Giving your body some fight,
Burn out the parasites,
Reverse your smite to delight.
Raw and radiant is right.

~ Raederle Phoenix, 2011

Short announcement: Almost a year ago I thought to myself, "This would be so much easier with a detailed meal-by-meal plan... An example to go from." And as I learned how to sustain myself through trial and error on a 100% raw and vegan diet, I discovered a lot of tricks. For months I've been telling myself, "It's time to put all this together and make that meal plan!" And finally, I'm almost finished making my first 7-day full meal-by-meal plan.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Article] Hydration

Raederle Phoenix, summer 2011, taken in my garden

I was absent-mindedly touching my elbows just now and noticed the strangest thing... My elbows are not dry. They are quite smooth and soft.

My elbows were never, ever, smooth and soft growing up. Always dry. My lips always chapped. My knees often scaly. Now, come to think of it, all of those troubled areas are as soft and supple as any other area on my body.

What's changed?

I believe firmly that the difference is hydration.

I never knew what hydration meant growing up – most people don't. It requires much more than drinking water.

Hydration requires a balance of potassium and sodium, which few people get. Most Americans consume sodium in a huge disproportion to potassium.

Sodium, however, is required for hydration. Without salt, one would perish quite rapidly, as cells could not function without it.

If you're considering switching to a fully raw vegan diet, make sure to include sea salt in your diet regularly or to double check online the amount of sodium you're getting from food. The raw diet doesn't use canned foods or salted processed foods, so some may find they end up without enough sodium.

Good sources of natural food-structured sodium include:

  • Celery
  • Sea Vegetables: Nori, Wakame, Dulse, Kelp
  • Beet Greens & Beets
  • Spinach
  • Chard

Good food sources of potassium include:

  • Coconut water (from young coconuts)
  • Bananas
  • Apricots
  • Avocados
  • Tomatoes
  • Kiwi
  • Cantaloupe
  • Raisins

Hydration is also hampered by eating dried foods. Dried fruits, vegetables and nuts are the healthiest of dried foods, but even these items must be accompanied by water. Dried fruits may be soaked in drinking water overnight to increase their digestibility.

Figs soaked overnight in water are delicious in smoothies. Water from soaked fruits may be used in smoothies, but water used to soak nuts should be disposed of. Soaked nuts and seeds should be rinsed before use.

Other items, such as powdered potatoes, protein powders, and other dry packaged goods are very harmful to moisture levels in the body, not just because they are dry, but also because they often contain additional toxins that hamper hydration.

Moisture is required to be rid of toxins. If there isn't enough water to pass with the toxins safely, the body will instead wrap toxins in fat, causing weight gain.

A toxin is anything that is harmful to the body and thereby must be eliminated or wrapped in fat and stored to protect the body from harm. Things that fall under the category of 'toxin' include:

  • Refined sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar, sucralose and high fructose corn syrup
  • Hydrogenated fats such as margarine. (Most commercial nut-butters contain these dangerous fats, also known as 'trans fats.')
  • Excess protein (cooked protein sources are often unusable, and have to be eliminated)
  • Excess of certain nutrients (although few need to worry about this unless they are taking a lot of cheap vitamin supplements)
  • Excess of dairy, meat or eggs (due to excess animal fat that stores toxins, excess protein, and excess hormones present within the animals)
  • Excess exposure to mold (this is especially harmful for people who have taken antibiotics)
  • Household cleaners
  • 'Sanitary' napkins
  • Laundry detergent
  • Disinfecting soap

Because most people are not hydrated and lacking in ample minerals to deal with toxins, sugars are converted to fats to wrap around toxins.

Fats are always needed by the liver when dealing with toxins, but these do not become stored fats when the body has enough minerals and water to dispose of the toxin.

The amount of fat needed is not much however. Six macadamia nuts could easily be all the fat you eat in a day. Or a bowl of quinoa, or two tablespoons of sunflower seeds, or two tablespoons of almond butter, or an avocado.

It is even possible to get enough fats from the seeds present within foods, such as juicing a watermelon with its seeds, or eating cucumbers and raspberries (which contain seeds). Bananas also have a trace amount of fat, which makes them creamy and wonderful in smoothies and when making raw vegan home-made ice cream.

The fats I've just mentioned are the fat sources I recommend: whole food fats from raw seeds, raw nuts, raw fruits and raw vegetables. While cold-pressed flax oil and olive oil are healthy in small amounts, they are toxin in large volumes. For daily fat consumption, I prefer to stick to whole food sources.

Another cause of dehydration is empty water. Water without minerals tends to pass through the body without being absorbed. Water from pristine natural sources will have traces of calcium, potassium, sodium, silica and hundreds of other minerals which make it an actual source of nutrition that is absorbed, while the water itself is also absorbed.

For this reason, a water fast was much more practical in past times. Water was structured with minerals when drank directly from a clean source, and also, toxins were rarely present, thereby allowing the body no need to stress over toxin-disposal.

Hydration is aided by exercise. We absorb more of the water we drink if we exercise before and after drinking water.

A response to the above from Connier Nordan: "Good info Raederle... I agree, sodium should come from natural sources. Water filled foods, living foods, and pure water combat toxins and free-radicals. We don't need household cleaners. Tea Tree oil, vinegar, H2O2, baking soda, etc, clean while reducing toxins. I like your statement about dehydration and lack of minerals not dealing with toxins therefore sugars converting more to fat."

My response to Connier:

Thanks, and you're welcome. I do notice that high-water content foods, such as kiwi, watermelon, celery, lettuce, etc, make me feel more hydrated and uplifted than water alone could ever.

I've noticed that if you eat dehydrated foods and drink water with them, it's not as good as water-rich foods. I've tried this a number of times: getting my vegetables in dehydrated form (lots of kale chips is lovely), and then just drinking lots of water to "make up" for it.

But it seems to me that there is no replacing water-rich foods. They are intrinsic to health.

Dehydrated kiwi + a glass of water = feeling average. Kiwi = feeling excellent. That's what I've noticed.

I wish all my readers a wonderful (healthy) Thanksgiving.

~ Raederle

PS: Check out the Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Feast that I enjoyed last year. Includes ten recipes!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Blog] 42-Day Balancing Regime Complete

I made it through 42 days. True, I didn't do 100% perfectly what I set out to do, but I didn't give up. I'm quite proud of myself.

The diet's purpose and aims were outlined in my first entry about the 42-day fast from sweet fruits.

My origional aims were modified somewhat; I went beyond abstaining from sweet fruits, and for a time abstained from fat, and emphasized vegetable juice, as is explained in my first entry written during the regime.

At the half-way point I wrote an update on my progress, which clarified some concenrns I mentioned in the previous two entries to that.

This is probably my last entry about it. I completed the process about a week ago now, and I've been terribly busy and been positively delighted to return to making smoothies several times a day. It's faster than making juice, and more delightful usually.

What I gained from the 42-day experience:

I most certainly have much healthier intestinal flora, as indicated by some of the following
My gums seem to be consistently not bleeding when I brush
The breakouts I've been experiencing since the move (April 2011) are significantly decreased
My energy level is excellent
My lung capacity is improved; I can run for longer than ever without my lungs burning at all
I've discovered at least five completely new ways to make savory meals (without any sweet)
I now like the taste of many more new vegetables, such as celery, carrots, and pickles
I feel more control over my cravings and food desires
I feel more in control of my life
I've learned how to make vegetable juices I enjoy
I've detoxed from metal poisoning; cilantro no longer tastes like pennies
I love lettuce more than ever

A full log of what I ate for these forty-two days is posted here.

I'm also glad it's over. I'll do more regimes in the future, but hopefully I will not have to abstain from bananas for so long ever again. My husband I delightedly bought a 40 pound crate of bananas two days go.

If you have not noticed, there is a new tab at the top called "Food Pyramid" which contains my newly updated food pyramid, with a detailed description of the pyramid, and a sample day's menu. I'd love to hear your feedback on it.

To share your thoughts on the pyramid with a wider audiance, and to get faster feedback, comment on the pyramid's facebook location.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Raederle

About Me & My Blog

Photo of myself at a raw food potluck holding a platter with two delicious green smoothies. The potluck took place early in December of 2010. The photo is taken by my husband.

Contrary to popular belief, raw foodism is not about eating tons and tons of salads. In fact, that isn't even the basis of it. Raw foodism does not involve limiting yourself or denying yourself. And it definitely does not include boredom. Embarking on raw food is something to take one recipe at a time, one potluck at a time, one article at a time. Let it wash over you and change your life, like it changed mine.

"You know what is fluffing amazing?! Carrots are sweet! Who knew? Because I no longer eat any refined sugar crap (no high fructose corn syrup poison, no aspartame poison, no white sugar poison, no brown sugar poison, no agave poison, no sucralose poison, no maltitol poison, etc), my taste buds have changed, and changed and changed, and I'm amazed at how much flavor there is in so many things I used to find bitter or bland.

Lettuce, tomatoes and carrots are sweet. And blackberries are not in the least bit bitter! It's exciting! It's like all of nature's foods are new again, and I am a baby just trying everything for the first time."

- Raederle Phoenix

...The Raw Food Lifestyle

Being a raw foodist really is a lifestyle. It's not something you can easily switch to overnight, but it is something you can aim for and see one positive change after another along the way.

I recommend reading the following pages first, in this order:

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The Raw Food Concept

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Applying The Raw Concept

Does going raw work?

How will I get protein without meat and eggs?
Protein Source On Raw

Do I still need to count calories?
Weight watching methods compared & exposed

I'm Raederle Phoenix Jacot.
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"Raw" refers to eating raw food; that is; non-cooked food. If you're wondering what a raw food diet is, I have written a simple introduction to it here on this site.

"Really" seems like a silly addition to the title, does it not? It comes from my initial deduction about processed foods, especially sugar: "This isn't food! This is really poison!" That deduction led to my first health site called; Real Poison.

After being a non-poisonist for a couple of years, I began to realize that poison was in everything. Peanut-butter had plastic in it, so I had to switch to organic nut butters. Croutons without sugar added were so expensive I learned to make my own croutons from whole-grain bread. Turned out the bread was still bad for me because of the flour. I learned to do without bread entirely. I learned to make my own home-made granola because even the store-bought organic granola always contained cane sugar (or tasted like sand). Then I decided that even cooked oats were a bad idea. I began to run out of options, and began asking; what should I be eating? Hence came the counterpart to my first site; Real Food.

But neither of these sites contained the answer. I was still missing something. While I had lost weight and made a lot of progress, I still wasn't finding a sustainable way to gain health for life. That's when I discovered raw food potlucks. It changed my view on food entirely. So I followed suit on my past two health sites and included the word 'Real' in my title.

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My writing also aims to show how important having your health is. I wouldn't start drinking and partying tomorrow if I learned I was going to die in a year. Rather, I'd be even more intent on maintaining the best health possible. Having health is not about the quantity of days you live, but the quality of each day you live. Quality comes from clarity of thought, motivation and ambition, and energy of the mind, body and soul. You can't have clarity or energy if you're chugging cement down your gullet (as most people are.)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

[Blog] The Half Way Mark

Today is Day 22 of 42 days. I'm now over the half-way mark. I feel like I've been refraining from sweet fruits for the past eternity. I'd so happily eat an apple followed by a bowl of blackberries, then some mango, strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, kiwi, banana, and a fig!

My husband has just now arrived upstairs to rescue me... He has brought...

Celery-lettuce-lemon juice!

I never thought I'd see the day when something like that would bring me so much enjoyment. My smile is positively gleeful right now.

As is explained in my first entry about this 42 day diet, I'm on a diet to balance my intestinal flora. It's been brought to my attention my flora must be out of whack due to the circumstances of my upbringing, and so forth, as is all explained in the entry.

As is explain in my second, and most recent entry about my current regime, never before now have I previously stuck to anything resembling a fast.

Yesterday was a momentous day. While I was outside in the garden I ate some plain parsley... And it didn't taste like metal for the very first time in my life. It just tasted green to me. Not like pennies. I've really detoxed heavy metals out of me! I feel so good about that.

Also, I finally did some research on breast lumps yesterday, and I discovered it is unlikely that the lumps are cancer. They are round for the most part, and easy to move around. I think it's very likely that they are related to killing off so much biotic life in my body so fast.

Since blogger likes to strip all my codes away lately, I've posted my full dietary log for this fast, to date, here on my typepad. If you have any suggestions, or comments on exactly what I'm eating, I do recommend you find out what I'm eating first! This log is an open book to exactly what I'm consuming and feeling, so you can find specific questions answered in the log, including portion sizes.

So this blog is just a quick celebration of passing the half way point, and to post the log for anyone who is curious as to my progress.

Much love, hugs, and thanks.

~ Raederle Phoenix

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Blog] Phase 2: Killing Bacteria

As I wrote about on September 4th in a blog entry called The Diet for Intestinal Flora Health, I am on a special revision of my diet targeted at balancing my intestinal flora.

For anyone whose been following my blog for a long time, they may be aware of my past failures to complete my initial goals. For example, when I first became a raw vegan in September of 2010 (just over a year ago), I attempted to do a water fast. On day 1 my plan to do a water fast was going well. But by day three it devolved into simply becoming 100% raw vegan.

I was extremely good about being 100% raw vegan, only ever slipping down to 98% raw vegan (by having a cook serving of food during the week), until the move in April 2011. As I talked about in the entry "Staying Raw While Moving" -- I didn't manage it. I didn't go completely nuts and backtrack, but I was having cooked food upward of three times a week. The month of April was a mess for me. I was stressed out, not eating well, and not feeling good.

In June I was getting serious about recovery and tried a Juice Feast for the first time. As I explained in this entry, which ought to be titled "Juice Feast Failure, I discovered that I am very addicted to solid foods.

This time, however, I am happy to announce that I am on day 16, and I'm not only sticking with my initial intentions. I've gone beyond them!

As I mentioned in the entry I wrote 16 days ago, I've been breaking out since the move. Finally, at long last, my forehead is no longer covered in tiny pimples. However, this didn't happen just from my original plan of abstaining from fruit.

I decided I needed to take it a step further on day 12, and these past few days I've been also abstaining from all fat. No more nuts!

I was eating a cup of nuts a day trying to fill that void that the fruit left behind.

And not only am I abstaining from fruit and fat, I'm emphasizing juice especially. This morning I drank a giant jar of vegetable juice for breakfast consisting of lettuce, cucumber, lemon and carrot. If I used measuring cups to fill that jar, I'd estimate... 6 cups for the full jar, I probably drank 5 cups.

This is huge for me. Before this "fast from fruit" I never had drank more than a cup or two of vegetable juice at one time. Before this I hated plain celery sticks, which I'm munching on as I type this.

I'm now in Phase 2 of this plan: bacteria killing. Lots of garlic and supplements which move bacteria out of the body.

Am I eating entirely 100% raw? Well, no. I am eating quinoa in controlled portions, and also drinking herbal tea. I've been keeping a detailed log of everything since the first day. So here is the log:

Sunday, September 4th, 2011
Day 1
Ate: A tiny apple for breakfast.
Several nori wraps. Spiced seeds and nuts.
Kelp noodles with chard, nuts, vinegar, coconut aminos and spices.
Nori wraps with avocado, tomato, spinach, etc.
Day log: No discomfort.

Monday, September 5th, 2011
Day 2
Ate: Plain Amande yogurt with maca, vitamin powder and around nine whole cocoa beans.
Several dried 'superfruit' berries (completely wrong for the diet).
Some of Jay's green juice that contained tomato. Store-bought kale chips.
Kelp noodles with cabbage, nuts and hot sauce.
Day log: Extreme exhaustion. Could hardly stand without being dizzy.
Jay experienced the same: fatigue and dizziness.
Mild fever, feeling cold and then really hot. Random sweating out of the blue during the day.
Powerful cravings for watermelon in particular.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
Day 3
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast.
Plain Amande yogurt with maca, vitamin powder and around seven whole cocoa beans.
Green juice that contained carrot, lemon and wild yard plants. Home-made kale chips.
Kelp noodles with kale, nuts, and garlic.
One nori wrap made from onion, nori, spinach, kale, salt, olive oil and spices.
Popcorn before bed with salt.
Day log: Grapefruit tasted somewhat sweeter than usual, but perhaps it was just a good grapefruit.
Mild cravings that lessened throughout the day. Woke up with several "loaded" pimples. Woke up with much more energy than Monday morning, but feeling emotionally dependent.
Fell asleep fairly easily and slept well.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
Day 4
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast.
Plain Amande yogurt with maca, cinnamon, nutmeg, vitamin powder and four whole cocoa beans.
Drank a glass of carrot-lemon-cabbage juice.
Several handfuls of home-made kale chips.
A nori wrap with some kale on it and a little olive oil. A few spiced nuts.
One celery rib with almond butter, one celery rib eaten with alternating bites of spicy pistachios.
A few gulps of plain kombucha.
A glass of carrot-celery-kale juice. A bowl of quinoa.
Day log: Woke up with good amount of energy at 11:30am. I woke up before Jay.
Grapefruit tasted incredibly sweet, like a date had been added to the juice. My taste must be changing.
Started feeling really tired and blah around 6:30pm.
Feeling fairly alert and awake, but having lots of muscle pains at 8:30pm.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011
Day 5
Ate: Carrot-cucumber juice for breakfast.
Followed shortly by home-made kale chips. A few spiced nuts.
Two nori wraps with avocado, mixed greens, onion, a little kale and spices.
A few macadamia nuts. A bowl of quinoa.
Fennel-carrot-celery-wheatgrass juice for dinner with home-made kale chips. Spiced nuts.
Day log: Woke up feeling a bit lethargic at 11:30pm.
Coughed a bit in the bathroom, and sneezed a bit in the kitchen. I feel strange.
Been feeling fatigued most of the day, especially during and after the walk.
We ate the nori wraps with avocado right before the walk, which may be part of why I was so tired.
I perked up a bit after the quinoa.

Friday, September 9th, 2011
Day 6
Ate: A bite of fresh broccoli from the yard. A few tart dried berries (goldenberries?) for breakfast. A few blackberries from outside. Spiced nuts. Lettuce-carrot-celery-wheatgrass juice. A few macadamia nuts. Lettuce-carrot-celery juice. Kelp noodles. A bowl of quinoa. Kale chips, home-made.
Day log: Woke up feeling pretty good at 10:30am.
Felt distinctly like I had slept a bit longer than needed, but okay.
Had a good day overall.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011
Day 7
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast.
Kelp noodles, a half-nori wrap, a little piece of celery with almond-macadamia butter, a tiny piece of tomato and some slices of bell pepper for brunch.
Lettuce-carrot-cucumber-celery juice for lunch, which was very hydrating and pleasant.
Home-made kale chips and lettuce chips. A few spiced nuts.
A simple nori wrap (onion, cucumber, lettuce, olive oil, spices).
Kelp noodles with one lemon, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, almonds and a little walnut, and the tiniest amount of vinegar and coconut aminos.
Day Log: Got up to the alarm at 7:45am.
Did an enema first thing this morning and was amazed by how energized it made me feel. I did it with the motivation of getting rid of the gassy-ness I've been experiencing the past few days. Feeling energized was an unexpected bonus.
Catered the meeting I attended today, bringing what I described as my brunch. I also brought a sweet-ice-cream-pudding which I didn't eat any of. (I didn't even lick my fingers when coming into contact with it!)

Sunday, September 11th, 2011
Day 8
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast.
Half a tiny home-grown seeded watermelon. (My half was about the size of a fist.)
Juice made up of the rind of the tiny watermelon, cucumber, lettuce and a little bit of wheatgrass.
A couple nibbles on herbs in the yard.
A mono-meal of macadamia nuts (about half a cup.)
A nori wrap with tomatillos, leafy stuff, onion, cucumber, and cold-pressed olive oil.
Kelp noodles with macadamia-almond-brazil-butter, lemon juice, tomatillos and salt.
Cucumber-lettuce-lemon juice. A bowl of quinoa.
Day log: Got up at 10:00am, went to church. Came home and transplanted strawberries. I was surprised at how little energy I had to dig the strawberry plants. I went into it feeling energized, but within then minutes I was sweating heavily and feeling fatigued. This is unusual for me since I became a raw foodist and began walking more often. Despite the fatigue I got the job done, and then I helped Jay with some shelf assembly and shelf carrying.
Not gassy today. I suspect it was due either to the kale chips or the spiced pistachios I was eating.

Monday, September 12th, 2011
Day 9
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast. Spinach-cucumber juice for brunch.
Kelp noodles with macadamia-brazil-nut-butter, maca, vitamin powder, salt, lemon, and one cup of spinach blended into the nut butter.
Wheatgrass-lemon-spinach-carrot juice. A bowl of quinoa. [Dance classes.]
Celery with home-made nut butter made up of half macadamia nuts and half almonds, vitamin powder, spinach and a little maca. A bowl of quinoa.
Pills taken: 2 detox pills, 1 vitamin B, a spoonful of vitamin powder, a spoonful of maca.
Day log: Got up at 10:40am. Had pleasant detailed dreams.
I think I should start logging the vitamins and other tablets I'm taking on this log. I've been taking Markus Rothkranz's anti-parasite pills, which I generally call "detox pills" fairly inaccurately, but it's a shorter name than calling them anti-parasite tablets. I've been taking some vitamins here and there, none of them very consistently. I took the last few tablets of enzymes towards the beginning. Note that I generally only take a B-vitamin supplement, in particular for the purpose of getting B12.
As I was drinking the wheatgrass blend I kept telling myself that I liked the juice, and for a brief moment the flavor in my mouth was entirely different. The wheatgrass tasted like the first time I had Marty's freshly made wheatgrass juice. The flavor was back to it's true flavor, and not how my body interprets the flavor based on silly detox reactions. And then the moment past and it was back to tasting nauseating. I've never had this happen before, so it was really fascinating and awesome.
Took two dance classes back to back from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Felt excellent during and after class.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
Day 10
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast. Lettuce-wheatgrass-carrot-greenbean-tomatillo juice for brunch. Some millet with salt.
Avocado by itself. [1 detox pill] Handful of macadamia nuts.
Kelp noodles with sauce made up of: juice of lime, 2/3rds cup macadamia nuts, 1/3rd cup almonds, handful of spinach, maca, vitamin powder, and a couple drops of coconut aminos and a couple drops of vinegar, a few pinches of salt
Several slices of red pepper (around a third of a bell pepper) eaten at the Writer's Meeting.
A bowl of quinoa.
Pills taken: 3 detox pills, half a spoonful of vitamin powder, most of a spoonful of maca
Day log: Got up at 9:05am, feeling good.
Been feeling good pretty much all day. Started getting pretty sore (from the dance classes last night) around 2pm, and started to get progressively more and more sore. My entire back, sides and thighs complain a bit when I move around now at 9:22pm. My mood is still pretty good though.

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
Day 11
Ate: Whole grapefruit for breakfast. Macadamia nuts.
A nori wrap. Some of Jay's cooked soup made up of carrot, cabbage, celery, onion, garlic and brown rice.
At the Gathering Wellness Forum I ate four or five slices of "onion bread" which is made up of flax, onion and some other seeds.
I ate several servings of the kelp-noodle dish which didn't appear to have any nuts added to it like the dishes I make with them. It include sesame seeds. The dish I brought and ate quite a bit of was shredded carrot, cabbage, pablano pepper, onion, lime juice and salt.
Pills taken: 1 detox pill
Day log: Had a great meeting at Gathering Wellness Forum, felt like sitting around the table with family. Spent most of the day prior to that working on a fantasy novel.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Day 12
Ate: Half a grapefruit for breakfast. Handful of macadamia nuts.
Almond-walnut-butter on a stick of celery.
Kelp noodles with sauce made up of: juice of lime, macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, maca, vitamin powder, and a couple drops of coconut aminos, a few drops of cold pressed olive oil, a couple drops of vinegar, and a few pinches of salt.
Six or so macadamia nuts.
Kombucha on the way home from the grocery store.
Carrot-cabbage-kale-wheatgrass juice.
A bowl of quinoa.
Pills taken: half a spoonful of vitamin powder, a spoonful of maca
Day log: Got up around 10:40am. Had a good day for the most part. Been working on the fantasy novel most of today as well. Enjoyed a walk to the store with my husband, although it was much colder than expected.

Friday, September 16th, 2011
Day 12
Ate: Glass of water. [Detox pill.] Bowl of raspberries breakfast. Kombucha. A few goldenberries.
[Bromelain] Glass of water.
Large amount of carrot-cabbage-lettuce-garlic-sorrel-lemon-basil-wheatgrass juice.
Glass of water. [Enzyme] Several goldenberries.
Glass of water. [Enzyme] Cooked onion and garlic soup mixed with raw chopped up tomato and carrot-cabbage-lettuce-garlic-sorrel-lemon-basil juice.
Pills taken: 1 detox pill, 1 bromelain, 2 enzyme tablets
Water intake: 4 glasses of water
Day log: Got up around 11:20am.
I've developed a number of breast lumps. I've had a single lump in the same place varying slightly in size for eight years. Only in the past few months have other lumps began to develop. It's likely the change started when we moved back.
I've heard that Buffalo, NY is a high spot for breast cancer, so there is pollution here that could be contributing. It could be cancer.
Another explanation is that as I've been moving toxins and bacteria out of my intestine, I may not have been providing my body with enough water and vegetables to fully flush things out, causing my body to dump toxins and dead cell waste into my breasts in lumps.
By avoiding fruit, as this log illustrates, I've been consuming an insane amount of nuts, more than I've ever consumed in my life, including when I first became a raw vegan. It's possible that the nuts contain a toxin that has caused the lumps, or contain a bacteria, or both. It's also possible that their high fat content is a large contributor to the lumps.
Whatever the case may be, today marks a change in the trend.
Went for a walk/run and did a little martial arts in the park.

Saturday, September 17th, 2011
Day 13
Ate: Two glasses of water. Kombucha.
Large amount of carrot-lemon-lettuce-cinnamon-nutmeg juice.
Two glasses of water. Large amount of carrot-lettuce-cabbage-celery-wheatgrass-maca juice.
Two nori wraps without any oil. Nori wraps contained lettuce, onion, tomatillos, and lemon juice.
Two glasses of water. One spoonful of spices nuts.
[Bromelain, Enzyme] Three nori wraps without any oil. Nori wraps contained lettuce, onion, cabbage, tomatillos, spices, and lemon juice.
Pills taken: a spoonful of maca, 1 bromelain, 1 enzyme tablet
Water intake: 6 glasses of water
Day log: Got up around 11:30am.
Went for a walk/run. Been a cold day.

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
Day 14
Ate: One glass of water. Half a grapefruit for breakfast.
Large amount of carrot-lemon-lettuce-cinnamon-nutmeg juice.
Two nori wraps with lettuce, lemon juice, onion and tomatillo. One or two celery ribs.
Half a grapefruit. A couple gulps of kombucha.
Small amount of carrot-lettuce-cabbage-celery-wheatgrass-maca-vitamin-ginger juice.
Two glasses of water. Two celery ribs.
Two large bowls of quinoa.
[Bromelain] A cup of tea.
Pills taken: a pinch of maca, pinch of vitamin powder, 1 bromelain
Water intake: 4 glasses of water
Day log: Got up at 8:45am.
Played Carcassonne with Roy (brother) and Mom. Played Innovation with Asa (friend), Mom and Jay (husband).
Was somewhat tired and strung-out most of the day, but clear-headed. Mild burps, and the very tiniest tiniest amount of gas. Hiccups were common throughout the day.

Monday, September 19th, 2011
Day 15
Ate: One glass of water.
Vegetable juice.
Three celery ribs.
Carrot-lettuce-cucumber-cabbage-celery-wheatgrass-ginger juice.
Half a grapefruit. A few gulps of kombucha. Several bites of carrot.
The other half of the grapefruit. A cup of herbal tea.
Pills taken: 5 detox pills, 2 enzymes, 2 bromelain
Water intake: 4 glasses of water
Day log: Got a lot of work done. Had very few cravings at all today. It's been a day of progress. I've never previously enjoyed plain celery sticks and plain carrots.

And today so far:

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
Day 16
Ate: One glass of water.
A tremendously gigantic jar of lettuce-cucumber-carrot juice.
Three celery ribs.
Added after this entry was originally posted:
Garden Juice (explained in log).
One third of a red bell pepper.
A gulp of kombucha. A bite of celery.
Two medium bowels of quinoa. A gulp of kombucha. A few bites of brown rice.
Pills taken: 4 detox pills, 2 enzymes, 1 bromelain
Water intake: 4 glasses of water
Day log: Got up around 10:45am.
I'm feeling excellent at the moment. I spent a half hour in the garden looking after my plants and harvesting and I made this super strong juice from what I picked. Here's what went into it from the garden: 4 fairly small burdock roots, 5 sorrel plants (including roots), 1 stalk of broccoli including small 'flower-tops', 1 long leek leaf, 5 small strings of thyme, 5 small strands of garlic-chives, 2 dandelion leaves, 8 springs of parsley, 1 long thin stalk of fennel with flowers, and 5 small lettuce leafs. And additionally from the kitchen: 2 lemons, half a really hot 'banana' pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, and a very small pinch of wheatgrass blades.
Although, as I write this the nausea is starting to come on. I ate some red bell pepper as chaser. This stuff was super spicy hot. I diluted it in water and despite that it still burned.

PS: A lot of my formatting is going awry. I blame blogger. It seems to be stripping much html codes and doing weird things to them.

As the log shows, I haven't been perfect, but I've stuck to the core principles of what I'm trying to accomplish. (The goal of this diet and how abstaining from sweet fruit accomplishes it is explained in the entry I wrote the first day embarking on this.)

I'm quite pleased with myself, and my progress. My cravings are dramatically reduced, and many things body-wide are beginning to clear up. What I'm doing is the stuff of curing cancer, and it feels great to be doing it.

Thanks for reading!!!

~ Raederle

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