My Story

I didn't realize as a child that I had chronic health problems, but as my teen years progressed it became obvious that I didn't have the stamina, energy, immune function or weight of a normal child/teen.

I now know how extra-ordinary my issues were, and how common similar issues are becoming amongst other children (and adults too), I feel it's imperative to share my story and let others know that I've suffered too, and that I don't suffer anymore.

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Look at this transformation. This was primarily through food.
Exercising wasn't effective at producing any results until after I began the Sunfood lifestyle!
The below photos make take some time to load. There are eleven of them.

Read My Story to discover how I became chronically ill, and how the transformation seen above occurs.

It doesn't matter what your health problem is. From infected hang-nails to cancer, don't give up on finding your cure without expensive and harmful operations and procedures.  If you can't find anything on this site that helps you, please contact me and tell me about your illness.

I'm truly interested in making sure nobody has to go through what I went through. It was all preventable. There were solutions the entire time. But I didn't know about them, and neither did my parents, my doctors, my classmates or anybody I met.

My Life's Story is written in chronological order, and intended to be read in order.  Much of the things I write about later on in the 'article' build off of what I've said in the earlier segments.  But, for your convenience, here is a link to each of the separate segments of my story:

Birth to age 9

Ages 10 to 13

Ages 14 and 15

Ages 13 to 16

Ages 17 and 18

Ages 19 and 20