Monday, June 7, 2010

[Video Review] A Blender Chews For You

This a very good video, although it does overlook several very important things.

It talks about how it's hard to eat enough raw vegetables; which is very true. Half your diet should be leafy greens. The video says that you should include some cooked vegetables in your diet so that you can eat enough of them. Well, I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree.

I agree that if you can not make yourself eat enough raw, that adding some cooked vegetables is not a bad idea. However, you can blend up vegetables in a smoothie in order to consume a much greater volume of vegetables.

He mentions that some people don't digest enough of the vegetables partly because they don't chew their food. If you use a blender; it does the chewing for you.

Speaking of which, I have an entry about chewing your food if you have not already read it.

For the most part, this guy is spot-on. But not only is he overlooking the power of green-smoothies (which can be sweetened by adding sweet fruits like dates or pineapple), but he is also overlooking the power of enzymes! The most important thing that dies when you cook a plant is it's enzymes.

Enzymes are what allow you to digest and breakdown your food properly, and enzymes are what allow you to build muscle.

Also, he overlooks the power of eating plants besides your generic vegetables that can be found in the grocery store. The grocery store is not the by-all and end-all of the world. It has a very small selection of foods to eat.

There are thousands of seeds out there to eat, and yet how many types of seeds or sprouts can be bought in a store? There are thousands of different leaves out there you can eat on your salad (including raspberry and blueberry leaves) but how many are available at your grocery store? You can get around this, and save a lot of money (and gain a lot of enzymes) by foraging 'weeds' in your own area, and by growing your own food.

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