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[Article] Wild Medicinal Plants [Desert] Edition 1

Desert Plants

Skeleton Rush is often confused with Mormontea, but it grows at a slightly lower altitude and has more flexible limbs. Mormontea is brittle by comparison.

Skeleton Rush can be ground up in water in used as a wash for wounds, and eyes.


Mormontea is much greener than Skeleton Rush; which is fairly gray. Mormontea grows at the higher elevations.

Mormontea can be used for it's green tops, or collect it's fallen yellowed sun-dried leaves. The tea is a great anti-histamine; good for allergies. Also, the leaves can be used as a blood cleanser.

Indian Pipe can be used as a food source.


Cactus can be used for water in an emergency situation; but eating the cactus itself will actually exacerbate the issue because it will absorb any water it comes into contact with.

A means of obtaining water from a cactus;
Dig a hole in the sand.
Place cut pieces in the hole with a cup in the center.
Fasten saran-wrap over the hole with a small stone in the center to weight it down
The sun will heat the cactus, water will evaporate, t will collect on the saran-wrap because it is cooler on the other side, and drip down off the center into the cup.

A How-To Video For Desert Plants

Pine Trees

Pine Pitch can be used as an antiseptic. You can chew small pieces to help get phlegm out of the lungs.

Can also be used as an all-natural glue.

Pine Needles

Pine needles themselves are also awesome. They have three times as much vitamin C as oranges. They also contain a small amount of turpentine which is excellent for respiratory infections.

In an emergency situation, the inner bark of a pine tree can be used as a food source.

Juniper Tree

Juniper Tree

Juniper berries are great for digestion. They're ripe when they're a powdery purple-blue color (ripe in the fall). Eating them under ripe (when they're green) is dangerous due to a particular high-oil content. Juniper berries are excellent for vision; they strength the optic nerve.

Ripe Juniper Berries

One thing to be weary of is that they lower the blood sugar. They have an insulin-like compound within them. You usually want to have four to six of them at a time. You may want to crush them with a hammer before eating them.

Juniper leaves make an excellent tea for a sore throat. You can gargle with it to kill bacteria.

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