Monday, June 7, 2010

[Video Blog] Some Thoughts

As some may recall, when starting this blog I posted a video blog. I've made a few more, and compiled the most relevant clips into a new video post, opening with a funny discovery that my fiance and I recently had with celery.

We've been making a lot of use of the basil leaves from our basil plant. I'm excited to fill the table the basil plant is on with plants. Sustainable resources is the way to go for sure!

I'm really excited about having learned to make fruit balls. They're delicious, filling, easy to keep, not too hard to make (although very messy), and can be added to so many other things to make other things more delicious. It's a good way to replace nut-butter sandwiches. More about fruit balls in this entry.

I'm also delighted by how much more energy I have. I'm experiencing less pain after extensive yoga, dancing and walking. (A shorter recovery time.) I'm experiencing less lag in the mornings before I feel really awake and ready to be active. I'm feeling so much more alive. I have no doubt in my mind that it's due to salads and green drinks.

Now I just can't wait to have a toned and sexy body from head to toe. And somehow I just know I'm going to make it there. Stay with me to watch living proof live-action on how you can change your body, your level of energy and happiness, and how you can make your home (and/or yard) a sustainable food source.

Psst! Boycott Monsanto!

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