Thursday, May 27, 2010

[Article] Chemo Kills; Food Heals

Chemo-'therapy' Kills
Real Live Wild Raw Food Heals

Get your facts straight; do your research!

Testimonial For Raw Food
(and Markus Rothkranz's Book)

"My long time friend was on his deathbed. He walked out of the hospital 7 days later after I started bringing him food and telling the hospital to stop feeding him. This "miracle" if you can call it that is because of your [Markus Rothkranz's] book. Your book gave me the specifics I needed to be fully educated. Fully aware. My friend is alive and active as ever. Cancer is not a disease, it is a direct result of our toxic environment and poor nutrition. I know this now. Knowledge is power!

"Please allow me to sing your praises just one more time. I am a window washer by trade and am around the affluent and middle class in their homes all day every day. One lady was dying of cancer. She kicked it about 4 times prior due to western medicine's nuke treatments and chemicals. Gee, whattayaknow? It returned... again and again and again. She read your book cover to cover. 3 weeks later she cancelled her chemo appointment and prepared to hang up her wigs forever. She is now cancer free and has a new lease on life. She's got a cute little spiky haircut now and jokes to me when I do her windows. You know what still makes her upset though? Still makes her buckle at the knees in anger and tears? That her husband died 3 years ago of the same ailments.

"He'd probably be alive today if they'd have known."

-- Terry Kannedy, Terry's Window Washing Laguna Niguel, CA

What the FDA Calls Effective

"Effective cancer treatment is a matter of definition. The FDA defines an "effective" drug as one which achieves a 50% or more reduction in tumor size for 28 days. In the vast majority of cases there is absolutely no correlation between shrinking tumors for 28 days and the cure of the cancer or extension of life.

"When the cancer patient hears the doctor say "effective," he or she thinks, and logically so, that effective means it cures cancer. But all it means is temporary tumor shrinkage.

"Chemotherapy usually doesn't cure cancer or extend life, and it really does not improve the quality of the life either. Doctors frequently make this claim though. There are thousands of studies that were reviewed by Dr. Moss as part of the research for his book -- and there is not one single good study documenting this claim."

- Dr. Mercola

The Raw Diet

"Many books have been written on how raw foods (i.e. uncooked foods) deal with diseases such as cancer. Many fruits and vegetables have nutrients that kill cancer cells and/or stop the spread of cancer. It is key to understand that almost every cancer diet is a modification of the raw food diet! Even the laetrile diet is basically a raw food diet, modified for foods that contain laetrile." -Cancer Tutor

Chemotherapy Manslaughter

"A British woman, Anna McKenna, was being treated with chemotherapy in 2006. Due to a mistake by her pharmacist, she was given quadruple the dose of chemotherapy chemicals -- an error that continued for four treatment sessions and ultimately killed her (as chemotherapy is known to do).

"When an investigation was launched into why she had been given a fatal overdose of chemotherapy, the prescription paperwork mysteriously disappeared. The pharmacist who made the fatal error was never identified, and no criminal charges were brought up. Even now, there are no plans to hold the pharmacist responsible for this manslaughter death of an innocent patient."

It's especially telling that in a number of surveys most chemo-therapists have said they would not take chemotherapy themselves or recommend it for their families. Chemotherapy drugs are the most toxic substances ever put deliberately into the human body. They are known poisons, they are designed poisons. The whole thing began with experiments with "mustard gas," the horrible chemical-warfare agents from World War I.

Raw Carrots

"In a review of 206 human studies, carrots consistently emerged as one of the top cancer-fighting foods. The power of carrots lies in the group of pigments called carotenoids (beta-carotene is among this group), which give them their orange color."

"A long-time and highly reliable friend of mine (in fact, my wife and I had our wedding reception at her home more than 35 years ago), told me about her friend's father, who completely cured his throat cancer with carrot juice. In other words, he ate nothing and drank nothing but carrot juice and natural water.

"Closer to home, I have seen a clear pattern in the people I have interviewed, and testimonials that I have read, that carrot juice was the core element of their raw food diet. While the day may come that some other vegetable, such as beetroots (i.e. red beets), may be shown to be even better, until that day comes it would be advisable to make sure that carrots are the core of your vegetable juice." -Cancer Tutor

Not Just A Cancer Miracle

"Up until the age of two, Jackson was developing at a completely normal pace. Then, he started losing the 20 words he knew. Next, all speech. Diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum, Jackson threw tantrums, was angry always, and his behavior deteriorated; he became unable to concentrate, and overwhelmed with frustration. Jackson's parents started with getting rid of all dairy and gluten-with immediate results. One day off dairy, Jackson was able to concentrate better. When all gluten was out of his system, his focus improved. He went through a detox, and cleared heavy metals from his system. Jackson rapidly became more alive, responsive, verbal and engaged. His parents called his progress unbelievable."

Pharmaceutical Murder: Yet To Be Prosecuted

Isn't it interesting that when victims are killed with pharmaceutical medicines, doctors and pharmacists are never held responsible for their roles in such deaths? If you run over someone with a car and kill them, you're held responsible. If you accidentally shoot your best friend in a hunting accident, you're held responsible (unless you're the U.S. Vice President, of course). If you have a swimming pool in your back yard, and a drunken neighbor drowns in your pool, you're also held responsible. But somehow, if you're a doctor or pharmacist, and you prescribe a fatal dose of toxic chemicals to a patient, you're off the hook!

Doctors and pharmacists have been getting away with murder for so long that no one even remembers what it's like to hold them responsible for their actions. Let's face it: They're in the business of dealing poisons. And doctors get paid for everything they prescribe you; they get paid to do not get paid to heal you!

Cancer Healing Raw Foods

The tip of the ice-berg in cancer-healing raw foods;
Raw pineapple (bromelain and pexoxidase),
Whole purple grapes with seeds and skins (more than a dozen),
Apricot seeds (laetrile),
Strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries (laetrile and ellagic acid),
Blueberries (ellagic acid, anthrocyanins, OPC)

Grow It Yourself For Best Effects!

And if you grow your foods wild and eat them directly off the plant you'll get at least ten times the benefit of buying them from the store! It's cheaper, and it's healthier to grow your own plants.


Because the moment you pick something it begins to oxidize and die. If you look at all the other animals on the planet; they just go up to a bush and start munching on it; leaves and berries alike. They don't cook it, they don't steam it, they don't carefully pick out just the perfectly ripe berries. They also don't wait for it to come from the farm. It's often more than a week after it's picked that you eat it. Imagine how much was lost from the food you eat in that week! Try picking some flowers and set them somewhere and watch what happens to them in a week. That's what's happening to the life force (the enzymes) of the food you buy from a store.

Look at the most powerful animals on the planet; elephants for example. They eat greens and leaves (and some actually eat quite a bit of clay). They do not eat meats, or cooked foods. They eat raw growing plants!

If you want to be healthy, that's exactly what you need to do!

What makes you think you need to go spend all that money on processed junk when you could learn to identify what is edible in your own yard and add to it and grow things in pots? It costs so much less to heal yourself than to hurt yourself. Just like it takes so many less muscles to smile than to frown.

"Farming practices (which also indirectly affects both dairy and meat) have virtually eliminated trace minerals from our diet and have introduced many very bad things into our bodies. Our food is more acidic, fungus grows in foods it never used to grow in, etc. The nutrients in the foods of today are but a shadow of the nutrients in the same foods of 60 years ago. My father warned me, in the early 1960s, of this trend." -R. Webster Kehr

Chemothearpy Is Not Effective! People still die!

"What isn't generally known is that most chemotherapy drugs are Fluorouracil, fluorinated drug, as if we need any more what with all the antibiotics Cipro/ciprofloxacin, antidepresants Prozac, Paxil, Luvox, etc." -Anita Knight

Dr. Moss' position on chemotherapy is supported by many major students of the study of cancer treatment. Following are some examples: Dr. John Bailar is the chief of epidemiology at McGill University in Montreal and was formerly the editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. In 1986 the New England Journal of Medicine published an article by Dr. Bailer and Dr. Elaine Smith, a colleague from the University of Iowa. Bailer and Smith wrote: "Some 35 years of intense and growing efforts to improve the treatment of cancer have not had much overall effect on the most fundamental measure of clinical outcome - death. The effort to control cancer has failed so far to obtain its objectives.

Dr. John Cairns, a professor of microbiology at Harvard, published his view in Scientific American in 1985, "that basically the war on cancer was a failure and that chemotherapy was not getting very far with the vast majority of cancers."

Sheeple Of America

"It's amazing to me with all of the knowledge out there that people still blindly trust their doctors and would rather submit themselves to this kind of treatment. I have two people in my life right now with cancer and neither one of them will listen to me." -Anne Hecht

In reply to the above statement by Anne;

"No Anne, they will never listen to the voice of reason, just their Quack. It doesn't matter how many friends they've watched die while taking chemo, they will still follow the conventional path. This sort of mentality is simply mind boggling. The mindless sheeple in this country simply can no longer think for themselves. It's much easier to go to the local, infallible Quack who 'knows all'. It never ceases to blow my mind that everyone in this country is so brainwashed as to believe that there is 1 and only 1 possible cure on all of mother earth to treat cancer. This sort of narrow-minded thinking continues to send many to an early grave. How arrogant and ignorant we are as a people. We continue to hold onto the belief that we are superior to all other nations in every way, even as we waddle our obese asses into the next restaurant to eat our filthy (factory farmed), greasy steak and fries. Just this week I saw no less than 5 articles on this very website that spoke about cancer cures that are being used worldwide to cure cancer. I do believe oncologists are crooks and murderers only because they maintain a closed mind even while declaring the patient has just days to live. Like the bastard who replied to my wife when she asked for vitamin C drip for her dying dad who replied with a dopey look on his stupid face, "there is no evidence that it works." Yes, doc (Quack) let's just let the patient die like all the others without even trying something else. And then they go home and sleep like babies knowing that they "did all they could do." God damn every last one of them for their ignorant arrogance." - Dr. Common Sense

"The way food is processed is an abomination. Numerous substances are added to food for appearance or flavor (e.g. trans-fatty acids, food dyes, etc.); enzymes are killed by cooking; salt is virtually always added; aspartame is added to drinks to make them sweet; MSG (which is hidden in more than 30 different food additives - virtually every processed food in America has MSG in it but you rarely see it on the label) - and numerous other chemicals, are added for a variety of reasons, etc., etc." -R. Webster Kehr

Time For Healing!

Ready to get well? Ready to heal your body? Click here to learn even more.


  1. Not sure if you're looking for additional comments here, but I have a contrarian one. Just because something works for a lot of people doesn't mean it works for everyone. My father went to his death at 68 from kidney cancer believing that diet and lifestyle alone could cure him, whilst my mother-in-law underwent surgery and chemotherapy for stage III breast cancer and is alive today, almost 12 years later.

    Make no mistake: I absolutely believe food is medicine, and many of the ailments we suffer from today are due to the overly-processed, overcooked, over-convenienced, edible food-like substances we are peddled and encouraged to injest. But there's room for medical science here, too.

    As with all things, the truth lies between two extremes, and there are few magic bullets that work for everyone.

    Caveat emptor (et post hoc ergo propter hoc).

  2. Eating well alone won't fix anything unless the ONLY thing wrong in your life is what you eat. If you developed cancer because of an extreme desire to die, then nothing will make it go away except an extreme desire to live, possibly combined with better diet and exercise. If you develop cancer because you're not getting enough exercise and your lymph nodes are full of toxins, changing your diet may help, but will not be enough. If you develop cancer because of something you're breathing in daily, or because of a toxic lotion you've been using, or because your lover smokes cigarettes, then changing your diet may help a lot, but will still probably not be enough without getting the initial issue revolved. I believe that the cause in many, if not most people, is food *in combination* with something else. Genetics still plays a factor as well. Just because you have a gene however, does not mean it has to be expressed. If you have the diabetes gene (which everyone in my family does) then you will become diabetic IF and only if you eat in such a way that triggers those genes - such as simple carbs (refined sugars and pastas). My brother who eats terribly has diabetes. My mother USED to have diabetes but reversed it through diet. The same can be true of cancer - if you have certain genes then you will develop it IF you trigger it through food or immune system stress. Also, the emotional aspect should never be over looked. I know a girl a few years older than me who felt invisible and neglected her entire childhood and wished and wished she would develop some sort of disease so that she would be noticed. She developed two serious diseases in her early teens; she's not expected to live past thirty, and she can't live weights over twenty pounds without risking a broken bone. Also, eating a raw food diet will make your body start to attempt to detox, but to be blunt, without doing regular enemas, your body will be unsuccessful which can cause digestive issues.

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