Monday, March 28, 2011

[Video Blog] Moving-Away Potluck Party

The above awesome video was made by Arthur Woo. Very, very awesome. :D Also, very interesting counter-point to the mood listening to what my father was talking about there. The Thanksgiving potluck that I mentioned in the video has its own blog entry here.

For our moving-away celebration, we predictably held a rawvegan potluck. Brain, Arthur, Veronika, Nora, Marie (and her new baby!), my Dad, my Husband, Jordan (young lovely woman), and Jordan (older knowledgeable man) attended. A couple others who planned to come, didn't make it -- such is the way of things. We especially missed Marisela, Olga, Jillian and Jonathan.

My Dad was here for the potluck, and is here as I write this, because he flew out here last week. He's going to alternate driving the truck with my husband as we drive across the country.

We'll miss it here in the Bay area, but we will return for visiting in the future. If for no other reason, we'll definitely be visiting for the purposes of filming our documentary.

This lovely sampling plate had a grain-pudding salad, a mango-slathered fruit salad, an avocado dip on a leaf of kale, a carrot-currant salad, an apple-kale salad and a bok-choy-pomegranate salad.


Almond-Butter Celery Smoothie (made by Raederle Phoenix)

First Course:
Grain-Pudding Salad (made by male Jordan)
Mango-Covered Fruit Salad (made by female Jordan)
Parsley-Celery-Avocado on Kale (made by Brain Honeycutt)
Kale-Apple Salad (made by Raederle Phoenix)
Bok-Choy-Pomegranate Salad (made by Raederle Phoenix)
Carrot-Currant Salad (made by Veronika)

Curried "Rice" Nori Rolls (made by Raederle Phoenix)
Guacamole (made by Brian and female Jordan)

Warm Berry-Crumble Pie (made by Nora)
Spicy Pomegranate Pie (made by Raederle Phoenix)

Also, thanks to Marie for the gift of apples and female Jordan for the mango.

To see the rest of the lovely photos, including two wonderful desserts, check out my facebook album for this event.


  1. What a sweet party! I don't have a great internet connection and usually don't watch videos, (and couldn't really hear this one)--but it seems like you grew some beautiful friendships in your Bay Area time. And how sweet of your dad to join you.

    Is the 'older man' Jordan Jordan Rothstein? I know him from back when I lived in the Bay Area and went to/ran potlucks there.

    Safe, blessed travels!

  2. wow pretty Look !!! really fantastic your party and It looks so delicious. amazing your idea and cool posting. yummy

  3. Ela,
    I don't know if his middle name is also Jordan, but his last is Rothstein. Interesting how paths intertwine!


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