Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Ela has honored me by awarding me with the One Lovely Blog Award:

Thank you Ela!

Part of the award is to make a blog entry with seven things about yourself, so here they are...

Seven things about Raederle:

1.) I am undergoing rawvegan chef training in variety of forms, and loving the process. Today I learned a trick for photographing food, so my newer photography from here on will (hopefully) look more professional.

2.) I aspire to write and publish at least ten books in print, and at least twenty ebooks. One topic I particularly want to write about is relationships. After being in two different abusive relationships, and a third serious one that just failed, and then discovering some very important truths and then becoming happily married, I feel that I have some vital insights in this area to share.

3.) Everything in life that has come to me has come to me because of my creativity. Every "job" I ever worked, every success, every great intimate moment, every wonderful meal I've ever made -- it's all due to my endless bound of creativity that I'm always honing. I crave creative expression at all times -- I want to draw, garden, create rawvegan meals, write, dance, paint, sketch, design, and rearrange all the time. Nothing makes me feel more alive than being creative.

4.) I believe firmly in moving towards solutions by moving away from problems. We can't get anywhere if we spend all our time fighting problems and none of our time creating solutions. For every one problem we think about, fight against, or speak about, we need to think about, promote, and speak about nine solutions. Think of something that will help, something that promotes life and peace.

5.) I do not agree fully or disagree fully with any political party. I agree and disagree with many aspects of being a republican, democrat, libertarian, liberal, conservative, socialist, capitalist, etc. For each of those I can list three pros and three cons easily off the top of my head. No perfect system has yet been created, so let's break our minds out of the political box.

6.) I spend almost all of my time thinking about how to spread the message of peace, positive thinking, health, love, vitality, creativity and joy to everyone, especially ghettos. I grew up in a ghetto with children who didn't read, who watched much TV, and who aspired to be sports heroes or rappers. I spend hours coming up with different possible answers to the question: "How do I bring answers to the ghetto?"

7.) Every couple of weeks some minor irritation will remind me of a major issue I used to have before I went rawvegan. For example, last night I had an eyelash stuck in my eye when I was trying to sleep. The irritation reminded me that I use to get this thing called a "stye" on my eyelid constantly. A stye is essentially an eye-lid pimple. It occurs on the tiny little space of your eyelid between your eye and your eyelashes. Some women wear their eye-liner on this space. A stye is painful, and nearly impossible to puncture. It is irritating each and every time you blink. (Another way to describe its location would be to say that it is the part of your eyelids that touch when you blink.) So many little pains I no longer have... Little pains that used to pile up into mountains of overall discomfort and disgruntlement.

And there you have it -- seven things about me.

Me, being the graphic designer that I am, would like to pass on a higher-resolution image to the blogs I've awarded:

I'd like to pass the love onto:

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Thanks for reading!

Oh, by the way, I have exciting news! My first recipe book is coming out, and will be available on this site before the end of the weekend! "Nut-Free Raw Recipes by Raederle"


~ Raederle


  1. Thanks for sharing--the new award badge looks great, I adore your message of positivity, and thanks for all the creativity and passion.

  2. What a wonderful surprise. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed reading about you. Now I need to come up with some things about me. I'll put something together when I get a chance. Thanks again!

  3. Congrats!! nice award and lovely posting . perfect your thought and interesting your recently post

  4. You're welcome. :D Smiles, Laughs & Hugs For All!

  5. Wow what a pretty blog. I am new to your blog and just found it. Thanks for sharing. You sound like a really nice person with a great way of thinking about life.:


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