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When I use the recipes from the following sites, I always substitute out the agave with something else.  Agave, while natural, is still overly sweet despite it's low glycemic index.  I prefer to use dates, or other dried or fresh fruits to sweeten.  I personally feel that refined sugar (including agave) has no place in any person's diet, especially not a health-conscious raw food diet.

Markus Rothkranz

...Is a very special "raw food guru" -- unlike David Wolfe and others, he doesn't promote a bunch of expensive products and so-called superfoods. Markus is all about exposing the truth and how you don't need a lot of money to get what you want out of your body or your life.

I bought his DVD set "Free Food and Medicine" and I've learned so much. It's insanely packed with powerful information that will save me thousands of dollars over the course of my lifetime, if not more. A guided nature walk wouldn't teach me nearly as much and would run me $80 or so. A raw food prep class wouldn't teach me nearly as much and that runs $30-$120. It even comes with a wild-foods recipe book.

And thus, I must say I highly recommend Markus's DVD set: Free Food & Medicine.

"...Focusing on local, seasonal and organic dishes..."

This blog is written by a real-life friend of mine living in Buffalo, NY.

The (Teen)Age of Raw
"...Staring Felic Pear..."

Felicity is an amazing young girl who discovered the horrific result of eating a standard American diet. Like me, she learned young that value of having one's health. In the following excerpt from her biography, I can relate to everything she says:

Around the term 1 school holidays I started to get sick. The weather was getting cold, and my mum had been baking a lot of bread, so we'd been eating that. My skin flared up really really badly, my nails went really brittle, and no matter what I ate, my stomach would expand in the most disgusting pregnant manner. To put it mildly, I stopped digesting my food properly.

The doctor suggested I was gluten intolerant, so we cut wheat out of my diet. I started to get better, but then I got sick again. We went to the doctor, they gave me some medication that didn't work very effectively. I went to another doctor and they suggested I stop eating meat, and that I was lactose intolerant. Some improvement, but not really enough to say I was actually better. I got more and more depressed.

And then my life changed forever. I found out about Raw Food through my mum's friend. We decided to give it a go, slowly. I started to get better straight away. Because of previously giving up meat, dairy, and wheat we slowly started to cut cooked food out of our diet. At first we were 80% Raw, but then after awhile it became more easier and natural to just be 100%.

Even though I'm a teenager dealing with all those teenage hormones, [now that I'm eating 100% raw] my skin is clear, and depending how many green smoothies I drink, it also has a nicer color. I feel more energetic, more positive, more spiritual, more loving and excited for my future.

Bitt of Raw
"...Documenting my life and growth to better health..."

Bitt is a passionate writer who will touch your soul with her writing. She's compassionate and deeply appreciative of small things. Her raw recipes are good too.

Bee's Knees Kitchen
"...Experience the beauty of raw food..."

In Carla's blog, The Bee's Knees Kitchen, you will find a variety of wonderful tasty raw recipes with beautiful photography and detailed easy-to-follow preparation directions.

Sweetly Raw
"The Adventures of Raw Food Dessert Chef: Heather Pace"

In Heather Pace's raw blog you'll find a ton of amazing and amusing photographs of her adventures and her creations. Look forward to laughs and love.

Eating for health, vibrance and beauty, by Diana Stobo
"...Loving your body is loving the planet..."

Diana's site has a long list of many amazing recipes sorted into 'appetizers, dips, smoothies' and so forth. Many of them are brilliant just by their sheer simplicity.

"...Another vegan, gluten-free, sometimes raw recipe blog, yeah!..."

Selene's blog has a number of awesome raw vegan recipes including mango icecream, chocolate coconut icecream, cheesy tahini broccoli and other wonderful things, like how to make your own raw tahini sauce. Fun blog with lots of information.

Easy Raw
"...Quick & easy raw meals and treats..."

Pixx's "Easy Raw" blog is a collection of recipes she's come up with herself. The recipes have her own photos and some of the thoughts behind the recipes. Enjoyable, easy to absorb information.

Ulterior Harmony
"...Raw, live, local, homegrown foods and their magical transformations explored by Ela..."

Ela gives her opinions freely, posts regularly, shares recipes and ideas, and explores aspects of realities that others will often conveniently skip over.

External Recipes

The following are inspirations to use in the future, or inspirations I've already used in the past.

Raw BLTs

Flax Banana Rolls

Cinnamon Pancakes

Spicy Cashew Broccoli Stir No-Fry

Sweet Guacamole

Onion Rings