Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Blog] Juice Feast: Day #6

I'm completely failing at juice-feasting.

I have so many events in my life that I'm at for hours and hours and I need to eat while I'm at these events or I go completely rabid. I become this crazy person who is obsessed with food if I go somewhere and have not brought any food with me.

And so, while I'm drinking lots of juice and eating much, much less "chewy" food, I'm still eating chewy food.

On the plus side, I seem to have weened myself off of a bad habit I had: eating three to six apples a day blended with oats, dates, lemon juice and cinnamon. Sure, it's delicious, but not suitable to eat twice a day, everyday. Perhaps four to six times a week, but not seven to sixteen times a week. It was just absurd, and strangely addictive.

I've stopped craving the apple-based dish, but my desire for spinach in non-juice form is still raging. I can't seem to get through more than a day and a half without a salad. Even if I juice dandelion leaves, kale, chard and spinach with fruits, I still desire the salad tremendously. It's probably because my body has not learned to identify juice as an equally good source of nutrients as salad. My body has learned that salad calms my entire system and makes me feel good, so the craving is extremely strong.

I believe, in time, after I've been juicing for months, that I might have an easier time of trying to juice feast.

This reminds me of when I tried to do the "three week water fast" that turned out to be a "three day water fast" because of so many unexpected problems. But, my three-day-water-fast ended up being the beginning of going 100% raw for several months, 99% raw for several months after that, and 95% raw up until today. I'm leaning back towards that 99% raw now. Just a small bite here and there of some wholesome cooked food.

I asked a friend of mine a couple days ago: "Would you want to join my commune once I found it?"

She replied: "I can't answer that at this time but, I have to say that it sounds like a really amazing idea. . . . I feel that you are a special little gem, placed here to help the world and
it's people heal, so I know you will do something."

I replied today:

It will indeed take much research to choose a location for the commune. I think of it as my 7-to-10-year goal.

The juicing is coming along great -- but I have not be able to stick to 100% juice because I go to so many events where I can't go the entire time without eating/drinking something and I can't take my juicer with me everywhere even if I wanted to...

So I'm drinking a lot more juice than usual and eating much less solid food than usual, but I'm not actually doing a juice feast as intended. I might plan a week-long-juice-feast for a time when I have no events scheduled during the summer and try again for a month-long-juice-feast during the winter when less is going on.

Can I be a special large gem? How about a whole bag of gems?


Ideally I'd like two communes: one in Western NY and one in North Carolina. That is probably a 11-to-15-year goal. With two communes I could directly run a truck that goes two or three times a year between the communes transporting somewhat-out-of-regional-seasonal food, and various other things that it may be prudent to move.

I could move back and forth between the two communes at will, wherever I was needed, or wherever I wanted to be. North Carolina is where some relatives of mine live, and it is closer to Jay's parents in Georgia, so there are practical reasons for it family-wise as well as weather-wise.

But I need to establish one here successfully for several years before I try to open a second far-away location.

I'm having an excellent day today. Besides my friend giving me such a large compliment, today I "hosted" my second rawvegan potluck picnic in the park. Despite being Memorial Day weekend, we still had a total headcount of twelve people. It was a great time.

~ Raederle


  1. It sounds like you're doing great, actually! You're in a time of so much transition and unpredictability so perhaps it's not surprising that putting more restrictions on yourself is harder than expected. So cool that you had a potluck there--or two--already!

  2. Ela,

    Three picnics hosted down, and another one to come tomorrow!

    My husband and I have agreed that a three-day juice feast might be a much more manageable place to start.

    ~ Raederle


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