Friday, January 13, 2012

[Article Blog] Vaccines ― Safe?

“That stupid saying "What you don't know can't hurt you" is ridiculous. What you don't know can kill you. If you don't know that tractor trailer trucks hurt when hitting you, then you can play in the middle of the interstate with no fear ― but that doesn't mean you won't get killed.” ― Dave Ramsey

My usual argument against vaccines: I've already suffered from enough mercury poisoning. I'd prefer not to continue my exposure.

A friend says, "Mercury isn't a real ingredient. What is in the vaccines is thimerosal, a mercury-derived preservative. And it's not found in all vaccines. For instance, unless it's a flu shot, it's not found in the routine childhood vaccines. And since 1999, it's been being reduced and/or eliminated from even the small amount of vaccines it's in. You see, thimerosal is only used in vaccines that they produce very large doses of because it keeps bacteria out of the vaccine."

Me: "It's true, a vaccine may be harmless. The issue is that is also may not be harmless, and the person providing it can not prove to me that it is not harmless."

My friend: "Most of the time a vaccine will have Albumin (egg) or an egg protein, amino acids, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), various forms of calcium, or gelatin and glucose. None of these are harmful to the body."

Me: "Ascorbic acid is *not* vitamin C. This is something I've done a lot of reading on, and ascorbic acid is only a very small (useless) part of the vitamin C complex that has no benefit to the body at all, and in large doses can actually be quite harmful. The book 'Empty Harvest' is one that I've read that talks about that in particular detail.

"So many commonly established things like "oh, ascorbic acid is just vitamin C" are completely false (and have known to be so for decades by many researchers and scientists.)

"And egg protein? Do I want egg protein injected into my blood? I don't even want to eat it, much less have it in my blood. From my understanding (which is less than my understanding of ascorbic acid) -- foreign proteins in the blood are treated as invaders and raise a very strong immune response. This is why many people go vegan due to "allergies." (And a "strong immune response" can be very serious: consider a 105 degree fever, for example.)"

My friend: "You can find vaccines by ingredient or ingredients by vaccine. The information is a google search away, it's not like they keep it hidden. So you can ALWAYS know what you're doing, and there's not reason not to get some of them (like the basic childhood vaccines.)"

Me: I completely disagree.

They've been calling agave low glycemic for years, and it's been finally uncovered that is not low GI at all, and that it is harmful to diabetics as well as other people with sensitive organs.

They've been saying that splenda is a safe sugar alternative, and yet it puts people in hospitals.

When trans-fats came out (hydrogenated oils, like margarine), they said it was 'healthier than butter.'

How am I to believe anything they say about a vaccine?

They aren't currently required to tell if the corn in a product is GMO or not. I bet there are plenty of things they are not required to tell you about vaccines as well.

I can be sincere, and I can be sincerely wrong. But everyone should have the right to control what enters their body.

I would deem it just as unsafe to have a vaccine than I would to have sex with a complete stranger without a condom. You just can't fully know what you're doing.

The more I learn, the less I want anything that comes in a plastic container, or in a box of any sort, or that even came shipped in a truck. Unfortunately, I have to become completely self-sustainable in order to avoid things that come by truck. (This is a tad of an exaggeration for what I currently feel, except the plastic container stuff. Amazing studies about breast cancer have shown that plastic has a very, very direct effect on creating and increasing the activity of cancer cells in the breast.)

I feel like my body has been invaded and defiled by lies, lies and lies leading to the poisoning of my organs, which I'm still recovering from.

Show me a vaccine growing on a tree, and then I'll consider putting it in my body.

That's all I have to say on the topic.

~ Raederle


  1. Unfortunately vaccines don't appear to grow on trees, so we had to live with smallpox, polio, rubella and a bunch of other horrible diseases until vaccines for them were developed.

    Of all the pseudoscience around, anti-vaccination campaigns may be the most dangerous. Un-vaccinated people don't just put themselves at risk but others as well. There's link between falling vaccination rates and increasing infection rates.

    To me the dangers weigh up like this:

    Taking vaccine - tens of millions of people are vaccinated each year without apparent side-effects. If there are dangers they're well-hidden.

    Not taking vaccine - clear danger from infections (even if you gain some protection from the fact other people are vaccinated and unlikely to pass them on).

    I reject the option that's definitely dangerous and choose the option that only might be dangerous.

  2. Tim,

    I can respect that.

    Unfortunately, the medical industry has shown my body little to no respect, and I have no trust for anything they do.

    And I'm also dubious about disease. I've always been the first one to catch something going around. Now, spending months in a house full of sick people has not made me ill.

    I'm curious, how much of the supposedly in-curable stuff out there that you *must* catch if you're exposed to... is really that dangerous to a person who is truly healthy...?

    ~ Raederle


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