Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[Video Article] Raw Milk

Qutequte says;

We should start of a series of law suits against "organic" milk since...

#1. Artificial hormones aren’t natural (genetically made)
#2. Antibiotics fed or jabbed aren’t natural (man-made)
#3. Cows let free for five to ten minutes everyday to graze on nutrient-deficient or pesticide-laden grass isn’t exactly organic

In fact, milk interferes with absorption of magnesium. Without magnesium, the human body has to “steal” magnesium from bones just to digest and absorb calcium. Technically, milk causes osteoporosis.

As if this isn’t bad enough, imagine you may just be drinking milk with pus and blood from sore udders of cows, kept constantly expressed for milk and the poor cows standing all day long like some unpaid security guard!

Not to mention milk industry actually encourages cruelty to cows and bulls and is closely related to asthma and cancer (published in medical journals previously).

I responded to Qutequte's post:

There is another side to this story. What about the fact that almost all cow milk that is consumed is also pasteurized! The pasteurization process kills off all the enzymes. Enzyme activity is what allows the milk to be digested. Without those enzymes nobody digests their milk at all, leading to bacteria in the gut and intestines to feed on all the undigested milk. This is what causes most cases of lactose intolerance.

A lot of people recommend "enzyme tablets" without ever realizing that enzymes come in every raw, uncooked natural food item on the planet. So even if there were no puss, even if the cows were not given hormone-shots, even if the cows were treated well and feed healthy grass, the milk would still be unhealthy if it's still pasteurized.

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I, personally, choose not to drink any milk at all, but my husband will drink milk -- as long as it is raw milk. This isn't something that he decided to do because I went raw in September 2010. Rather, this was something he was doing before he met me. Why? He believed he had become lactose intolerant, and so did two of his siblings. It turns out that all three of them react horribly to pasteurized milk, but have no negative reaction to raw milk.

The Raw milk that is sold legally goes through vigorous testing and is held up to high standards. It's incredibly unlikely to become sick from drinking it if it is being sold legally at a store. Unfortunately, it is difficult to pass the inspection to legally sell raw milk, and many places are unwilling to sell it due to the stigma. In many places it is point-blank illegal to sell raw milk entirely.


  1. I find raw milk to be disgusting! Well all milk really but raw worse. If there is bacteria in it, you really need to pasteurize it. Milk is disgusting on so many levels.

    The video you presented really just makes raw foodists out to to be idiots.

  2. Raw milk actually does contain a lot of enzymes though, and people should be free to drink it. That's the key -- it's our freedom to eat what we want. By saying "you can't drink that because we say it's not safe" they could also be saying, "you can't eat organic, it's not safe." Imagine! And we're not far from being kept from growing our own food because "it's not safe." It's a matter of liberty.

  3. Somewhat misleading description of lactose intolerance there. Although people can develop an intolerance, on the whole, the world is divided into those people who can produce lactase and digest lactose, and those who can't. The difference is down to a genetic factor. The ability to digest lactose spread around the time of the domestication of cattle, and is largely contiguous with those populations who historically reared cattle.


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