Monday, May 24, 2010

[Video Blog] The Beginning

Yesterday I got to meet Markus Rothkranz; an amazing speaker.

Raw Life Force; A Short Video by Markus

Less than a year ago I was introduced to the Raw Food lifestyle through the Buffalo Live Food Meetup Group. I attended a few potlucks and became very interested.

I have already been interested in keeping healthy for a long time. I started out by eliminating poisons from my diet; starting with refined sugars. I made a site about that called Real Poison. After eliminating refined sugar, breads, pastas, meats and dairies from my diet I lost thirty pounds in less than two months. I was so pleased with the increase in health that I kept it up.

I stopped getting sick all the time, but I still was weak and having issues putting on muscle. I was still having problems sleeping at night and having enough energy. Sure, the chronic issues like constant burping and painful constant stomach pains were gone, but there were still serious problems, so I started looking into healthy foods that I needed to add to my diet since I had gotten so far by getting rid of bad things. I created the complementary site to Real Poison called Real Food.

Adding more vegetables, salads and coconut water to my diet made another boost in energy and clarity of mind, but the sleeping issues remains. Sensitivity to sunlight beyond normalcy remains. I wear glasses and my prescription has gotten worse since I first got them when I was 18. I still don't have much of any muscle tone, although I'm not fat. But not being what people call "fat" doesn't mean I look fantastic in a swimsuit. My skin isn't terrifically unhealthy looking from a distance, but blackheads cover my nose and my thighs are quite dimpled.

And so, I've been looking for answers. What more can I do?

Quite a bit.

This is the beginning of my journey to becoming a raw foodist. I'm planning a Raw Food Potluck here at my apartment in Walnut Creek on June 6th, the full details are here.

So far, I've begun making raw food smoothies at least once a day. This morning for breakfast I put mache and other greens in the blender along with carrots, celery, broccoli as well as a kiwi, a banana and a handful of frozen blueberries.

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