Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Article] Supplements

This fantastic article has been revised and moved to Raederle.com -- click here to read it.

PS: All my content is moving to Raederle.com, slowly but surely. Everything is getting a face-lift, including any out-dated or mis-informed information that may have been present in a couple articles.

Give me a hip-hip-hurray for new updated information!


  1. Glad you came around to recognizing that supplementing in this modern world is wise. The Natural Hygiene ideal is so beautifully simple and appealing, but unfortunately...

    I followed the no-supplements thing for many years. Nowadays, I take more supplements than you can count--I have to. True, I've gone in and out of a severe eating disorder for over a decade, so it might not just be veganism or rawism at fault by any means, but it sure is a contrast.

  2. Hi Ela -- Have you found any supplements in particular very helpful to you? I feel that taking probiotics is really, really essential. I notice a difference if I stop after three days, and notice the benefits come back again after only twelve hours after taking one. The effect of not taking B12/D takes a lot longer to notice. I have noticed that given a month without I start to feel a bit on edge, and my mind seems unable to rest and I start to sleep less soundly. Most supplements I've tried, especially synthetic ones seem to have no effect that I can tell. I grew up taking supplements because my mom was so fond of them, and well, I wasn't a healthy or happy camper then.


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