Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Blog] Awesome Things Are Happening

Hello friends, family and fans!

I attended a raw potluck and presentation tonight that had over fifty attendees! It was one of the largest raw potlucks I've ever attended. Photos, as always, will be posted in my facebook albums, which you should be able to view even if you are not 'friends' with me on facebook, and, if you are not friends with me yet on facebook, then friend me already!

 And whether you want to friend me on facebook or not, it'd be super cool if you visited my facebook fan page for "Chef Raederle" and clicked the little "like" button.

In exciting news, my husband and I, after saving for months and months (since around September 2011) have finally bought a professional camera. We're very excited about this. Over the next couple months you can expect more and more incredible food photos, as well as other photos as we are going to be traveling!

The trip is only made possible by a lot of financial help from various family members and friends, all of whom we are very grateful to have in our lives. We'll be traveling by car through Kansas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. After approximately two months we'll be returning to Buffalo, New York to get planting in our garden. We were able to grow quite a bit of food last year and are looking forward to seeing the herbs we planted last year come back.

As some of my readers may remember I used to use what I call my "Musings" blog my "Travel" blog. That blog is essentially for everything I want to share with the world unrelated to food, fitness and healing. It does cover the topic of becoming emotionally healthy and happy from a mostly mental perspective however. In any event, it will once again my travel blog while we travel. I'll write about interesting things I notice or see on the trip that don't have to do with food there.

In other interesting news, I've started making hand-crafted versions of my recipe book.

The recipe book contains thirty pages of "getting started" information, 22-days of nutritionally complete days of recipes, Nut-Free Raw Recipes (my first recipe book), thirty pages of nutritional charts (completely unique)  -- all of which are included in my "Mastery Deal" which can be bought digitally as .pdf documents (which you can print out for your own use at home).

These unique hand-bound editions however are more than just the content. They're works of art. Each one has a unique theme and flavor, and my poetry and artwork are included as well as hand-written uplifting messages. I've made five thus far, each taking about seven hours to create.

In the above photo I'm holding the edition that is themed "Kittens and Puppies." The white spots on the left-hand page of the right-hand photo are bits of my poetry. The cover of this particular edition is made with very heavy weight high-quality semi-gloss colored card-stock.

Each page is cased in a sheet protector so that you can use these in your kitchen without staining the recipes!

What the heck am I going to do with these time-intensive works of art?

I'm not honestly sure. At the moment, they're only available if you make a bid or if you run into me in person and I have one on me to show and sell. I'll probably only make a total of twenty or thirty of these in my lifetime.

In other recent exciting developments, I was fortunate enough to serve fresh juice at a screening of a documentary about the horrors of the fur industry at a local book store. I honestly cried and cried throughout the film. I always have been into veganism for health and nutrition. It was a matter of "meat is inefficient in nutrition" and "animal fats have toxins" and "cooked animal protein is hard to digest" and so on.  Sure, I've known that animal torture happens and I'm against factory farming of course... But to actually see the suffering that many animals go through day after day... So that we can wear fur? It's wasteful and needless.

In any event, it was great to serve lots of people who are in the process of "opening their minds" fresh juice made from celery, carrots, cucumber and lemons.

Speaking of juice, I recently posted a page full of juice recipes that are great for a masticating juicer which was inspired by someone asking me a question about the "nutritionally optimal juices" they could make with that kind of juicer.

There are more juice recipes on my Food Pyramid page as well.

And, in a last bit of news, my facebook group Raw Foodies is a great place to share your favorite raw recipes, health articles, and ask health questions and get good answers. Anyone who has a positive attitude is very welcome to join!

The divine being in me recognizes, loves and accepts the divine being in you,

~ Raederle Phoenix

PS: And I almost forgot to mention this(!!!): My husband and I have started a radio show! Unfortunately, we won't be able to record more episodes until we're back from our trip, but these first two episodes are really jam-packed with information. Enjoy!

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