Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[Blog] Radiant & Raw

Radiant & Raw

Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries
So full of antioxidants
You think that was an accident?
Nature doesn't make mistakes
Change now, that's all it takes
Wake up and raise the stakes.

Celery, Kale and Sesame seeds;
Natural sources of sodium,
Providing balance in your cranium,
As long as you get your potassium,
And don't forget the water,
Hydration makes you hotter,
Sexy, sophisticated, strong and sleek;
Raise your body to it's peak.

Don't settle for minimum,
Raise up to the maximum.
Jojoba jumping jubilance;
Exulting exotic exuberance.
Enter abundance,
Forget reminisce.
Fill your life with anticipation,
Elite standards of elation,
Moving motions of motivation,
Goals, gifts and gratification.

Papaya, Pineapple and Mangoes;
Putting the punch in your tango.
Broccoli, Brussels and Bok Choy;
Bring on beautiful joy.
Chilies, Cayenne, and Garlic,
Giving your body some fight,
Burn out the parasites,
Reverse your smite to delight.
Raw and radiant is right.

~ Raederle Phoenix, 2011

Short announcement: Almost a year ago I thought to myself, "This would be so much easier with a detailed meal-by-meal plan... An example to go from." And as I learned how to sustain myself through trial and error on a 100% raw and vegan diet, I discovered a lot of tricks. For months I've been telling myself, "It's time to put all this together and make that meal plan!" And finally, I'm almost finished making my first 7-day full meal-by-meal plan.

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