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About Me & My Blog

Photo of myself at a raw food potluck holding a platter with two delicious green smoothies. The potluck took place early in December of 2010. The photo is taken by my husband.

Contrary to popular belief, raw foodism is not about eating tons and tons of salads. In fact, that isn't even the basis of it. Raw foodism does not involve limiting yourself or denying yourself. And it definitely does not include boredom. Embarking on raw food is something to take one recipe at a time, one potluck at a time, one article at a time. Let it wash over you and change your life, like it changed mine.

"You know what is fluffing amazing?! Carrots are sweet! Who knew? Because I no longer eat any refined sugar crap (no high fructose corn syrup poison, no aspartame poison, no white sugar poison, no brown sugar poison, no agave poison, no sucralose poison, no maltitol poison, etc), my taste buds have changed, and changed and changed, and I'm amazed at how much flavor there is in so many things I used to find bitter or bland.

Lettuce, tomatoes and carrots are sweet. And blackberries are not in the least bit bitter! It's exciting! It's like all of nature's foods are new again, and I am a baby just trying everything for the first time."

- Raederle Phoenix

...The Raw Food Lifestyle

Being a raw foodist really is a lifestyle. It's not something you can easily switch to overnight, but it is something you can aim for and see one positive change after another along the way.

I recommend reading the following pages first, in this order:

What is a Raw Food Diet?
The Raw Food Concept

How can I apply what I've learned without going crazy?
Applying The Raw Concept

Does going raw work?

How will I get protein without meat and eggs?
Protein Source On Raw

Do I still need to count calories?
Weight watching methods compared & exposed

I'm Raederle Phoenix Jacot.
I'm a raw foodist, and have been researching nutrition since I was thirteen.
I've struggled and gone through a lot of pain because of one difficult issue after another, to read about that, read my story.
I'm a freelance artist, and available for hire for creating custom graphics and artwork of any sort. (Tattoo designs, web graphics, flier creation, logo design, board game illustration: you name it.)

I am an editor, and my editing rates are posted here.

...The Title Of This Blog

The title of this blog is somewhat self explanatory.

"Really Raw Raederle"

My first name is Raederle, given to me by my mother. My middle name is Phoenix, given to me by my father. My last name is Jacot, given to me by my husband.

"Raw" refers to eating raw food; that is; non-cooked food. If you're wondering what a raw food diet is, I have written a simple introduction to it here on this site.

"Really" seems like a silly addition to the title, does it not? It comes from my initial deduction about processed foods, especially sugar: "This isn't food! This is really poison!" That deduction led to my first health site called; Real Poison.

After being a non-poisonist for a couple of years, I began to realize that poison was in everything. Peanut-butter had plastic in it, so I had to switch to organic nut butters. Croutons without sugar added were so expensive I learned to make my own croutons from whole-grain bread. Turned out the bread was still bad for me because of the flour. I learned to do without bread entirely. I learned to make my own home-made granola because even the store-bought organic granola always contained cane sugar (or tasted like sand). Then I decided that even cooked oats were a bad idea. I began to run out of options, and began asking; what should I be eating? Hence came the counterpart to my first site; Real Food.

But neither of these sites contained the answer. I was still missing something. While I had lost weight and made a lot of progress, I still wasn't finding a sustainable way to gain health for life. That's when I discovered raw food potlucks. It changed my view on food entirely. So I followed suit on my past two health sites and included the word 'Real' in my title.

...About This Site

This blog is designed to help you learn how to heal yourself. Every post of this blog is an effort to give you tools to heal. If you think you're in tip-top condition; you aren't. None of us are. Even the most avid health gurus still have some tweaking to do. And the overwhelming majority of us are far from being health gurus.

My writing also aims to show how important having your health is. I wouldn't start drinking and partying tomorrow if I learned I was going to die in a year. Rather, I'd be even more intent on maintaining the best health possible. Having health is not about the quantity of days you live, but the quality of each day you live. Quality comes from clarity of thought, motivation and ambition, and energy of the mind, body and soul. You can't have clarity or energy if you're chugging cement down your gullet (as most people are.)

...About The Template

The template of this blog is created by me, the background image and header are my own works and feature my logo.

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