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[Article] Calories

Raederle Phoenix, 2004 to 2011
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Eat less, exercise more.

That's what they keep telling you. Have you tried it? Did it work for you?

Or were you simply left starving, depleted, tired, or possibly even gained weight?

Anyone who has tried to lose weight using the age-old formula of "eat less, exercise more," is aware that this doesn't work. Even if you successfully lose weight, that's all that you gain. You don't get more energetic, happy, or cure the chronic issues that pain you. If anything, you create more problems.

Eating less and exercising more is intended to create a calorie deficit, where the body is using up more than it's taking in.

As Julia Ross writes: "The idea is to coerce your body into burning stored fat, but for many people low-calorie dieting ends up burning them out long before the fat is gone. This is not because of a lack of self-control or willpower. It happens because the very fundamentals of low-calorie dieting are downright wrong.

"For people trying to lose weight by cutting calories, food suddenly becomes the enemy instead of a means to genuine health. Hunger pangs become a sign of success instead of a sign the body is craving nourishment. This kind of twisted reality - a world where we desire starvation to maintain a healthy weight - is contributing to modern disease and misery."

There is much more going on when you eat than calorie intake. There are sensations. The simple act of crunching is releasing endorphins in the brain that cause you to feel less stress. Sugars are absorbed directly through the roof of your mouth and go into your brain -- which is why it is so very important that they are not refined, man-made garbage sugars. The flavor indicates to your mind how much nutrition it is getting. Complex flavors indicate to your body that you're getting the nutrition that you need, making you feel like you're eating what you need. If it turns out that this complex flavor isn't actually satisfying the nutrient deficit you'll continue to crave more and more of it.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg of all the things going on when you eat. Tiny micro-organisms in your intestines often cause people crave things that are bad for them so that they -- the parasites -- can thrive. Many people's horrendous and insatiable cravings are caused by parasites who eat most of the food, leaving you empty and tired even after eating a nutrient-dense meal.

Millions of cells are being created every hour. What will they be made out of if you're starving yourself?

And worse yet, if you're working out more then you'll need plenty of nutrition in order to build muscle. The nutrition will be pulled out of your teeth, your bones, your eyes, your stores of energy, out of your brain in an attempt to rebuild stronger muscles as you pull and stretch and strain them during your work outs.

Exercising your muscles is the process of tearing and breaking down your muscle. Recovery time is the amount of time it takes your body to rebuild that muscle stronger than before. The soreness you feel after a workout is how much you've torn up those muscles. How will you rebuild better muscles when you're basing your diet on calories?

Calories are about as meaning as it gets in the world of nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, and food. They are an obsolete tool, and a waste of your time.

If you've been decieved by something such as Weight Watchers, then please read this article which expounds upon calories and why they are neutral to your weight and health.

I can tell you personally, when I lost weight (30 pounds in one month), it was without adding any exercise to my life, and I didn't pay attention to how many calories I consumed. All I did was cut the poisons I was eating out of my diet.

Today, I'm aiming to get my diet to be balance as the food pyramid below indicates. I can't say I've yet succeeded. I still don't reach eight servings of vegetables everyday because I don't like most vegetables. I play a game of continually finding a new way to hide them in my food. If you don't like vegetables, you may want to check out this guacamole recipe I designed for myself to hide vegetables I dislike within.

The Raw Food Pyramid
for 100% Raw Foodists or for detoxing

Created by Raederle Phoenix

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I didn't recover from a lifetime of continual illness, chronic stomachaches, endless fatigue, depression, serious sleep disorders, skin problems, and a laundry list of conditions by counting calories.

It's as I said in my poem:

You don't have to go hungry.
Natural items come in sundry.
Leave the calorie quandary,
Enter the quantity of quality,

That comes with internal harmony.
You are what you eat.
Would you like to be concrete?
Or would you rather be a bloom?
Wouldn't you like a habitable womb?


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  1. Morning Raederle
    Enjoyed reading your articles. Some content seemed as though you were descibing me. I have been trying to go vegetarian (not with much success), and eating at least one/two meals raw daily. My reasons are health related, but am somewhat dissapointed as my weight has remained constant in 3 weeks. Maybe I'm expecting a 'miracle' to happen in too short a time and since my focus is health, that is where I should concentrate.


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