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[Draft] Protein

The Protein Myth

You've been led to believe that you must consume a certain amount of protein; otherwise you won't be able to build and maintain muscle. We've been lied to. Hundreds of doctors believe this because this is what is taught and said by millions of people.

This topic has been revisited, explored in depth, and restructured in an entry from September 2011. This page you're currently looking at is more like a draft in comparison. Please go to the new page about protein.

Yet, by understanding what protein is, where it comes from, and how it's created, you can come to understand for yourself why you don't need to consume any protein to build and maintain muscle. In fact, it's actually easier to build muscle by...

Well, I'll just leave you hanging until you finish reading this entry. Can't spill my guts in the third paragraph, can I? That'd totally kill the suspense.

Live Cell Tissue

"Burn your finger and skin tissue dies. Overly apply heat to food and nutrients are progressively destroyed. Fresh food prior to wilting or rotting sustains life to a high degree of wellness. Harvested food from field and orchard provides raw materials to replenish your cells and tissues. Overly cooking food destroys live plant and animal tissue whose nutrients no longer bear any relationship to your living body. A diet containing an abundance of raw, unfired food maximizes well being." - Raw vs. Cooked Studies

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Another article on this topic: What the human body needs vs. what foods have.

"The Fresh Produce Diet includes protein predominantly in raw form; Amino Acids. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts do not require cooking to increase their palatability or digestibility. When proteins are subjected to high heat during cooking, enzyme resistant linkages are formed between the amino acid chains. The body cannot separate these amino acids. What the body cannot use, it must eliminate. Cooked proteins become a source of toxicity: dead organic waste material acted upon and elaborated by bacterial flora." - Raw Food Life

Note: Believe it or not; this dead organic waste is what makes you smell when you use the bathroom. Eating raw and effectively detoxing will actually cause that toxic smell to go away with time.

Photo & Salad by Raederle, 2010

The important thing about going raw is eating enzymes. When you cook something, you kill it's enzymes. Enzymes are long chains of amino acids. And what is protein made up of? Amino acids.

For more about enzymes, read on.

The Protein Myth

When you eat things fresh - the moment it's picked - you get the most enzymes possible from what you eat. Why is this? Because the enzymes die over time. Imagine you go and pick a bunch of beautiful flowers. Now imagine you put them on a truck and take them to a warehouse. Imagine you put them on another truck. Imagine they finally make it to store. What do those flowers look like a week after you picked them?

Modern farming and the food industry uses food waxes, and preservatives, and tricks like freezing the food to preserve the corpse of the food to make it look as though it's still rich in those vital enzymes. In order to get the most out of the food you buy, try to buy things grown locally, and shop at farmer's market. This is also good for your local economy.

The more fresh things you eat, the more amino acids are in your body. The more amino acids, the more effective you can build muscle.

You don't need protein.

Perhaps your doctor thinks otherwise, but here are some doctors who know better.

Think you need to pay an arm and a leg for the most fresh produce available? Think you need to spend hundreds of dollars on organic produce? Think again; read this.

Also, here is a video by David Wolfe on protein.

Rich in Enzymes: Rich in Proteins

Mango Pudding: Rich in Enzymes: Rich in Proteins

The information about enzymes & amino acids has been expanded and given it's own page here. If you really want to understand the science, click here to read about it.


  1. It's interesting to note that at the start of the first article you linked to, the author gets the date humans started using fire in cooking wrong by between 25 and 180 times. I think she confused it with the development of agriculture around 10,000 years ago (something which itself is well evidenced as leading to a massive new range of public health problems).


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