Friday, August 26, 2011

[Recipe] Nori Wrap

This awesome recipe has been updated.

It's new awesome, updated self is over at!

Click here and you can check it out.


  1. I often make something VERY similar to this -- you're right, it's quick, very simple, and tasty, everything that raw food should be!

  2. I often just have nori wraps around and fill them with anything I might eat with a spoon or fork--salad, sauerkraut, beans, shredded veggies, etc--a great adjunct to a meal, like others would use bread or tortillas!

  3. Felic Pear & Ela -- I think it's easy to agree that nori makes anything into an awesome wrap! I use sauerkraut too, but I honestly just forgot about that when I wrote this. I need to edit it in. It's one of those wet things I sometimes put on too much of and end up with a mess instead of a wrap, lol.


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