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[Discussion] Soy Products vs. Dairy Products

This heated discussion has raised so many good points from so many different angles. I want to share it with you.

Heard about pus in dairy? Heard about the risks of soy? Which is better? Soy milk or cow milk? In this discussion I think you'll be able to find your own conclusion:

Freelee Fruitionist posts: "Pus: A thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells & bacteria with tissue debris & serum...The FDA allows 750 million pus cells in every liter of milk (about two pounds). It takes 10lbs of milk to make 1lb of cheese, a pound of cheese can contain up to 7.5 BILLION pus cells. A single slice of American/Swiss can contain over 468 million pus cells! What The...?!"

Michael Harrison: How obscene! Smile and say "Seed Cheese"

Trent Rumler: I have to admit Freelee I still (as of today) occasionally ate cheese... I don't think that's going to happen ever again. I knew how disgusting it was. I just had trouble letting go. But this is what I needed. Thank you!

Michael Harrison: Hey Trent, remember that one can indulge in cheese made from plant-based sources, instead of dairy.

Raederle Phoenix: There are nut cheeses and seed cheeses. They serve various types at cafe gratitude, they are delicious!

Anonymous: I learned some facts about strawberry milk (blood, antibiotic, and pus in milk) in my microbiology class years ago and love to have your citations.

I found out that cows that are about to die are dragged by whatever means to the slaughter house. These animals are diseased and unable to walk. Most of this meat goes to fast-food industry, because of reduced FDA regulations on types of meat (the use and form of it).

If the animal is in really bad condition they are grounded and fed to their fellow cows mixed with grains. After reflecting on this, it is no wonder I disliked eating meat as a kid. I was always the last to leave the table because I refuse to eat most of it. Did not like the consistency of it in my mouth. So as a teen, one day I just stop eating it. I went to a party, had some chicken and became so severally sick. The same thing happened with diary products. I had so many adverse reactions to it. Now I realize my body was just protecting itself

Kris Manvell: Pus is cancer. It is brilliant that you reveal these aspects and consequences of forcibly stealing the food from other beings babies mouths... It is possibly the biggest conspiracy in the world today - how governments encourage their people to poison themselves - just for profit and control. Thank you, as always Freelee, for offering the truth!

Leanne Mahler: I used to eat a lot of dairy stuff, but I got SO congested when I did. The next morning I wouldn't be able to breath out my nose much at all! Makes sense now.

Kris Manvell: For the calf the milk is full of host parasites - organisms that are entirely designed for them from their individual mother. Naturally there is no pus for them. But when the milking machines suck away on the mother (the cow), their nipples become infected - and that infected material goes into the milk. This then mixes with hundreds of other infected cows milk and becomes a gross concoction. All mothers milk is individually tailored for each individual baby. The host organisms in the milk benefit only the child of its mother - as the child is, in effect, a part of the mother. But if you drink the milk of another being - then the organisms are alien parasites - and harmful to the drinker. It is a very dangerous and harmful practice - with terrible consequences.

Shevonne Hollenbach: Kris, you are on point with the infection due to overuse of the utters. This also causes blooding and cracking. The milk is also bleached to remove the pink color from it. As you stated previously Kris, the government does encourage products such as cheese and high fructose corn syrup by investing millions of dollars in it's production. It's something I need to read up more on, this is being covered in my master's degree Health Policy's class.

Adeline Lajoux Georget: Even in pasteurized or/and organic milk?

Kris Manvell: In answer to Adeline's question: it makes no difference what kind of milk. The biology is such that you are ingesting millions - perhaps billions - of alien organisms that are not meant to be in the human body. These organisms are programed... to decay if they enter an alien (not the mothers child) body. Decay = breaking down = taking themselves into the earth again. Cancer is the body decaying (started by an outside source) before death. If you ingest milk you are taking in destructive microbes that will decay you prematurely. It is cause and effect. Basic biology that the meat and dairy industries hide with government approval. Take a zit, a spot - squeeze it - do a DNA test - on the pus - it will prove the DNA to be from a cow, a pig, a chicken, etc.

Paul Murphy: Humans are the only animals that continue to consume milk after ablactation (weaning), and that which isn't even derived from their own taxonomic group (species). Cows milk, in particular, is intended to fatten a calf up to 600 pounds in six months. I'm for recreational human breast milk from an intimate partner, but not as a diet choice; unless stranded without food for a stay.

Raederle Phoenix: The level of fat, cholesterol, etc, in animal products is very high, and the level of nutrition is quite low, and anything cooked and/or pasteurized has no enzymes to aid the digestion, resulting in undigested food making it's way to your intestines for bacteria (the bad sort) to have a feast, throwing off your entire body while absorbing very little nutrition at all.

Whereas if you eat some dark green vegetables raw, wild, freshly picked, you'll get a plethora of enzymes and minerals and you'll absorb almost all of it (depending on the strength of your digestive system, you can absorb all of it), and you'll get a bucket-load of fiber to help clean out your entire body. It's just not efficient for us to eat animals when we can eat plants instead. It makes no sense to cook our food when that destroys 85% of the benefit of the food. The world is addicted, crazy, lazy and inefficient -- and above all it's unhealthy. Let's clean it up with some raw vegetable fiber!

Bryan Flood: I had my sense of disgust shot off in the army. I have eaten every disgusting thing at one time or another. The more disgusting it is, the more it makes me want to eat it. That being said I am a vegetarian for health and ethical reasons. I am always amused at how easily grossed out modern humans are with their excessive hygiene.

Freelee Fruititionist: Let me guess Bryan, you wash your hands with your own crap and you don't shower?... Actually you were in the Army, enough said!

Bryan Flood: I wasn't just in the army... I was a paratrooper. When I was in SERE school, the instructor came out with a rabbit in a cage. Without a word he grabbed the bunny and sucked out its eyeballs...alive. That is the culture I come from.

Freelee Fruititionist: How about we drop our poor conditioning and follow our hearts?

Raederle Phoenix: Exactly Freelee! It's amazing how many people boast about their poor health. I've heard people literally brag about how much junk food they eat, and then say that it's because their parents did the same, or because they were neglected, as if it's all okay, perfectly normal, and unchangeable. It's absurd.

Kris Manvell: Eating animal and animal products causes disease in the human body. It causes cancer. (Full stop). Pus is cancer - it is the alien organisms (alien parasites - the animals host organisms, however you like to call them) being ejected from the human body. So, actually eating pus, knowingly is insane and can only be detrimental, harmful and damaging.
My main concern - always - is that our fellow beings can live with us in peace, without going through the horrors they currently are subjected to. Mothers having their babies kidnapped and murdered so that humans can drink their mothers milk (pus or no pus) is totally inhuman and a crime.

Freelee Fruititionist: Being grossed out by another animals pus and secretions is a pretty normal safe response. People die every year from listeria from animal secretions.

Pam Boteler: A man with no credentials who started speaking about this over fifteen years ago to those with credentials. He was ridiculed, mostly because he had no credentials an...d was going against the mighty Dairy Industry. Now more people with credentials (Dr's Oski, McDougall, Campbell, etc) are speaking out as well, but still the Dairy Industry ramps up its false marketing campaigns and convinces people that white is pure and essential. Keep posting information like this. Keep people thinking.

Jane O'Connor Chapman: Yeah but it tastes nice...

Freelee Fruititionist So glad everyone is sharing! Jane I know it may taste good to the undercarbed but would you suck a cows teat in order to get it? Bryan you too, I can't imagine either one of you doing this but if you do please make a youtube video!

Jane O'Connor Chapman: iI am not undercarbed thanks... I have plenty of carbs. I just like cheese too. I don't like cows milk to drink, never have. Have always preferred soy milk on cereal. Take my coffee black. ...And you cannot get cheese from a cows udder. Basic cheese science states that.

Raederle Phoenix: I think it would be important and relevant to mention what sort of carbs we're talking about here. I know Freelee means fruit. Noodles are a bad source of carbs, for example, and very unhealthy.

Freelee Fruititionist: Hey Jane. Well you may not get cheese directly from the udder but without milk (which is directly from the udder) you won't be sitting down to a slice of cheese, you will be just sitting down to a slice of culture and calfs stomach (rennet) ...which I'm sure would be even more sickly. Milk is vital for making cheese and that's why cheese is laden with fat, pus, blood and listeria. I used to like the taste but never liked the sluggish congested feeling after eating (which I didn't fully connect to the milk until I gave it up). Because I eat enough fruit now to satisfy my needs I no longer crave foods that are destroying my health and exploiting animals.

Jane O'Connor Chapman: I like soy cheese too, its just the textures a bit strange. Don't have much cheese though, maybe a few bits of choice brie/ a plate of grapes/ a few fresh figs with a drop of fine red once every few weeks. I don't ever crave it, and I eat heaps of fruit every day too. The folks in my office laugh at me for eating so much, I even eat the orange peel, always have since a kid.

Freelee Fruititionist: Good on you for eating the soy cheese instead, why don't you just quit the pus altogether if its only every few weeks? It's not doing you or the dairy cow any favours.

Jane O'Connor Chapman: I don't feel the need to 'quit anything. I really enjoy the bit I have and I reckon that's what life is all about, enjoying things. You enjoy your multitudes of nana's, I think that's cool. I would never ask you to quit your nana's. I think its great that you promote good healthy options too, I started eating way more fruit every day after reading about you and your man. I have personally decided to allow myself to be flexible with my diet and I feel way more relaxed and happy.

Freelee Fruititionist: Well I guess it's all about what standard we have for our health and well being at the end of the day. Also what we are willing to turn a blind eye to in order to satisfy our addiction. I especially find it strange when females eat dairy... and happily support the exploitation of the female bovine estrous cycle.

Jane thank you: I'm really glad you started eating more fruit! It's guilt-free, cruelty-free food. If more people ate fruit and no rancid solidified pus blocks then this World would be a much better place! Remember every dollar we spend is a vote to what we believe in.

Keep the fruit intake high and you won't feel like rotten grapes or pus ;) Justifying unhealthy behaviour does not lessen the impact on our health.

This lifestyle isn't about deprivation, it's about abundance, there's plenty of scope to be 'flexible' when you eat plant foods :)

Jane O'Connor Chapman: There are arguments for and against most things in the world... Fallen fruitarians are disgusted with those others that 'buy' their fruit. I think you should do what floats your own boat.

Raederle Phoenix: I think there is validity in planting your own fruit frees and refusing to buy from corporations, and only ever attending farmer's markets. Great validity. When do don't buy from a corporation, then you make less demand for things to be brought all over the world in cars and airplanes spreading pollution. Also, eating wild natural plants as they appear in nature will clear up all allergies given time and a correct balanced living food diet.

Freelee Fruititionist: What fruitarians? I've never met a pure fruitarian in my life - who just eats fruit.
Imagine everyone 'does exactly what floats their boat', oh hang on that's what everyone does and that's why we have the mess we have today. Figures.

Raederle Phoenix: Actually, very few people are floating they're boat. They're sinking it, horrifically, and then saying that they are floating their boat. Anyway, obviously nobody eats just fruit. We need green leafy vegetables in our diet; they are essential, and they must be raw and fresh for us to get the benefits.

Belinda Portea: Hi Shevonne, you need to watch the documentary called "Food Inc". It is a real eye opener and backs what you said about governments, etc! My two year old son loves soy cheese!! I make him cheese toasties or he just eats it like that! Soy cheese means no green snot in my sons nose!!

Raederle Phoenix: Belinda Portea -- Food Inc. is just the beginning. A great place to start, but it only has the barest basic information that someone should know about what people are eating. From there, watch The Future of Food, According to Monsanto, Food Matters, Curing Diabetes in 30 Days, Healing Cancer From the Inside Out, May I Be Frank, and I also recommend Markus Rothkranz's 6-DVD set. Once you've seen all of that, your entire world changes! I swear. Also, excellent reading, "Art of Happiness" (by a western psychologist who gets to know the Dali Lama) and "The Sunfood Diet" by David Wolfe. If you do all of that -- if anyone does all of that -- I guarantee a huge positive paradigm shift.

Freelee Fruititionist: One thing I know is that another animals pus, (especially brought about by mastitis) should not pass our lips!! Pus: a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum.

Raederle Phoenix: Soy is not the solution! I just want to let everyone know that. Watch The Future of Food and According to Monsanto. Soy, even organic soy, is almost entirely contaminated. According to many studies, eating soy as part of your regular diet lowers your cognitive abilities -- in other words -- soy causes brain damage.

On Soy: "The study, conducted in Hawaii by Lon White, M.D., and his associates, was part of the Honolulu Heart Study. Looking at the diets and the risk of dementia of Japanese men residing in Hawaii, the study found that men who ate the most tofu during their mid-40s to mid-60s were more likely to have dementia and Alzheimer's as they grew older." Just as one of hundreds of quotes I could have used. Soy is not a solution.

  • Try Coconut Aminos as an alternative to soy sauce.
  • Try nut-based cheese instead of diary cheese or soy cheese.
  • Try almond milk (preferably from raw almonds) or other raw nuts.
  • Try seed-based milk.

All of those are healthy sources of fat.

Did you know that there is no unhealthy fats that are raw, fresh and plant based? All unhealthy fats come from animals and from cooking. Avocados, olives, seeds, nuts, nut milks, seed cheeses, coconuts -- these are all excellent healthy sources of fat. And we do need fat in our diet -- we need healthy fat!

In my opinion, I'd rather drink raw milk than soy milk, any day. Although I'd choose soy milk over pasteurized milk. In any case, I don't drink either, ever.

Make a raw chocolate and banana smoothie -- it tastes better and raw chocolate is another healthy source of fat. Adding a spoonful of hemp seeds or ground flax also is good.

I'm coming from the position of someone who doesn't eat any animal products, but soy is also toxic for the body in the current state of affairs. It's at least just as bad.

Freelee Fruititionist: Have you done any research on the effects of cows milk on the brain Raederle?
What we do know is that soy doesn't contain pathogenic bacteria, methyl mercury, adrenaline, cholesterol, uric acid, PCBs, metabolic waste products, pus and saturated animal fat... parasites... Do you think these are good for our brains?

Raederle Phoenix: Belinda -- Try making your own nut cheese, it's delicious and worlds healthier than soy cheese.

Freelee Fruititionist: Soy may not be optimal BUT it is plant-based and MUCH better than pus-laden milk that contains pathogenic bacteria, methyl mercury, adrenaline, cholesterol, uric acid, PCBs, metabolic waste products, pus and saturated animal fat...parasites...

Raederle Phoenix: Freelee -- No, I think that stuff is also bad for the brains. I just think using soy as an alternative is not a solution, it's just a new problem. Most unhealthy vegetarians are all unhealthy for the same reason -- soy cheese, soy burgers, sietins or other alternative meats made from soy and wheat -- that stuff isn't good for the body either. Tofu is not a naturally occurring substance on the Earth.

I've met fat vegetarians who sit around eating vegetable-based burgers all day covered in soy source cooked in oil... All that refined man-altered garbage is still very unhealthy.

Health, as you say, is in fruit. Fruit, vegetables a...nd raw seeds and nuts. I just don't eat any soy or corn because of what Monsanto has done to them.

Belinda Portea: Raederle - Thank you so much for the list of movies and books! I'm sure these movies will just make my beliefs even stronger than what they are at the moment.
In the regards to the soy issue. I'm not sure what to say. My son only has soy cheese occasionally. It isn't an every day thing. He only drinks rice milk as I have read that soy products are mucus forming as well. He hasn't produced any mucus though!

Raederle Phoenix: Belinda -- Children are very resilient, and can handle more toxins for a time as their bodies are more pure from having been around for such shorter periods of time. For myself, my body internally quit at the age of 16. It was downward for me from birth until age 17 when I finally started getting healthier rather than sicker.
I used to drink rice milk. It's not a great healthy amazing thing to drink, but it's better than most of the alternatives available. I started rice milk at 17, and didn't decide I could do better until I was 21. If you're interested in my story, it is here:

I hope you enjoy the movie list and the couple books. Very large eye openers for me that changed my life for the better. Each one of those shifted my perspective permanently and dramatically for the better.

Kris Manvell: Our bodies are made up of billions of host organisms that regenerate and maintain us. These organisms I will call Host Organisms. When the person dies, the program to maintain the body ends and a new program boots up. The Host Organisms then start to break the body down – they decay it back into its component parts, mostly earth. The same happens with all animal bodies. Nothing can stop this process. Extreme cold can slow it right down – but as soon as any warmth returns – the process continues.

A cow (sheep, chicken, pig) is killed. The body of the cow immediately starts to decay. The body is cut into manageable chunks and put in cold storage. Eventually people buy this flesh and take it home and cook it, merely slowing the rotting process and continuing the illusion that it is fit to eat (not visibly rotting). The person takes a lump of this flesh and puts it in their mouth and chews.

The millions upon millions of Host Organisms are now invading organisms, what we can call Rotting Organisms. Their only function is to rot flesh. In the chewing process the Rotting Organisms get lodged in our teeth, these microscopic machines find their way into any crevice or hole.

The person swallows – and the Rotting Organisms are taken deeper into the body – where they are warmed and they start to multiply. The human bodies HO try as best they can to escort these invading organisms out of the body: via the anus, through the kidneys into the urine – out of the tissue via spots and boils (much like a volcano – pushing out of the flesh).

The Rotting Organisms are easy to see at this stage – pus. The invaders are also ousted via semen and other sexual fluids. In extreme cases they are ejected via vomiting. But over time – our own body’s defenses can be overwhelmed – in this case we call it Leukaemia. The Rotting Organisms cannot differentiate between live body, dead body – they merely act – like little terminators, their only purpose is to break down flesh. In the most common case – the swallowed flesh gets lodged in the intestines and bowel, the tubes become more blocked - the body becomes a hothouse, an ideal site for the Rotting Organisms to proliferate. This we call bowel cancer.

Cancer is when the body rots before it is dead – before the governing program is replaced by the rotting program – and the rotting is caused by an outside source – rotting organisms from a dead body, an animal’s body. It is that simple.
The case of milk – it is the same, but with a slight difference. Milk is a food produced by the mother which is compatible to the part of her that is birthed – the collection of new organisms, organs, flesh and bone that becomes an independent person once the umbilical cord is cut – a baby. The milk the mother produces is only compatible with her child and no one else’s.

The same applies to a cow. But humans take this rotting process to an even more dangerous level – they make the mother’s milk into cheese and yogurt – a festering mass of Rotting Organisms.

Animals and humans only need milk from their host mother when they are unable to eat solids and drink water. Once they have teeth, and once they start eating and drinking independently – there is no need to take milk from the mother. To imagine that humans need mother’s milk from a different species is crazy, unfounded and very dangerous. Every action has a reaction – a consequence. Interesting isn’t it – we murder other beings to eat – and in turn we are eaten alive by their flesh.

Mera Noriega: What amazing information Kris and free, so grateful to have ended my addiction.

I strongly recommend the world peace diet and 80/10/10, especially for you Raederle.

You may think David Wolfe is great right now but i would encourage you to research different raw perspectives, as well as being wary of how much this "raw food leader" is after money rather than truth or health.

As someone who got into Sunfood almost 6yrs ago now, I know that 90% probably more of the people who were on that path with me, and that was a lot of people, too many to count. We are now extremely grateful to have found the truth, Sunfood is not a success system, if you really follow it, it will make you quite unhealthy. Most of us now follow a low fat raw vegan plan, and have improved our health, a small percentage is still using tons of $ on supplements and stimulants, frustrated about the never-ending 'detoxing' and unaware of how dangerous their "raw" addictions are. The others aren't even partially vegan anymore, or raw. search scam.

Raederle Phoenix: The Sunfood Diet works out to be the same as 80/10/10. The Sunfood Triangle tells us to get 33% of our weight in food from vegetables, nuts and fruit equally after the water has been removed. Once the water is removed, you end up eating tons of vegetables, tons of fruits, and very little seeds and nuts. The same goes for Markus Rothkranz saying that 50% of the volume of what we eat should be raw leafy greens. It also works out to be the same diet. Green leafy vegetables have very few calories, so in order to get 10% of your calories from greens, you need to eat them as about 50% of the volume of your diet. This also fits with what David Wolfe says about the weight after the water is removed. Once you remove the water from a leaf, it weighs almost nothing at all! Think about dehydrated leafs, they're essentially weightless. Because David Wolfe is saying "weight after water is removed, eat all three in balance," and because Markus Rothkranz is speaking in volume, and because the 80% fruit, 10% vegetable and 10% fats program is speaking in calories, people get confused. It's really not hard though: Eat as many leafy vegetables as you want, and as much fruit as you want. Avoid hybridized fruit when possible. Choose organic over conventional, but wild and local over organic. Choose fruits and vegetables for most of the day, and then in the evening have a quarter cup of seeds and/or nuts to get your fats, and possibly have some fatty fruit during the day, such as an avocado or a few olives. That's it. There is your plant diet.

True, David Wolfe may be in it for the money -- but we all corrupt a little once we become famous and rich. I probably would get a little egotistical and money hungry too in his place. I would think to myself, "I'm going spend this money ethically, so they should buy from me, and besides, my information is worth while." I think many health gurus who are "rich" think like that, and I don't think it's a problem. I also have learned a lot from Markus Rothkranz -- many people accuse him of just being money hungry as well. Even if they are both money hungry people (which I'm not saying they are or are not), the information I've learned from both of them has transformed my life tremendously. Personally, I do not take many vitamins or pills at all. I take about two digestive enzymes a week, and while they are vegan quality, they are not from a particular raw store of sorts. I do eat hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, and raw chocolate, but not because they are hyped up -- it's because I need my fat from somewhere and I notice that a few seeds in my digestive system is not as disruptive as a few nuts. Thanks for you thoughts though. :D I love feedback and input.

If you're interested, I've created a quiz to help people understand how not being healthy affects them by telling them how many hours they are losing because of not being healthy. If you could try it and tell me if you see any errors, that'd be great. If you think it's a good tool, share the link. :D

~ Raederle

Mera Noriega: Not to go off subject, but as a breastfeeding counselor, i have learned and studied child nutrition; humans mature much slower than most animals. We require mama's milk for awhile after we get teeth, years. Our digestion is delicate, we require it for proper brain development and its immunological effect is very important. Much of the medical establishments rec's for vaccines, pacifiers and starting solids are based on needs that go unmet when children are unnaturally weaned, which is the case with the vast majority of western children. I believe this is why humans turn to cow's milk, for the sake of a twisted norm, it seems more acceptable and more convenient to take milk from cows for human consumption than to allow humans to satisfy our NEED for milk with the species specific milk we require, an immoral & unhealthy alternative. Until people recognize how much being under breastfed affects our health for the rest of our lives and the cycle of neglected children we support, cow dairy addiction prevails.

Raederle Phoenix: Mera -- I do believe breast-feeding is vital, not just for physical needs, but for emotional needs -- for both the sanity of the mother and the child. Sucking a nipple is hard work -- and that hard work is rewarded with sustenance and done... while in contact with the mother's soft breast skin. This creates a sense of work ethic, and it creates a sense of natural cause and effect.

Artificial nipples require biting not sucking, which I feel is the wrong message to give babies. They may not be able to speak yet, but that doesn't mean they are not absorbing every experience and learning from it.

John Dawson: Have you got that study on soy being brain damaging? I'm fascinated to check it out.

Raederle Phoenix: Hey John, here are some links about soy:

And here is one from a Doctor I respect who says it's hype either way, but he very carefully points out that in studies the people eat A lot of soy. He says that most people do not eat a pound of soy every day or three soy protein shakes a day, so it's not a concern. I think, that there, he is wrong. Many people DO eat like that, and that is a problem. Also, he leaves out the very important point that buying soy is giving money to Monsanto and that is VERY unethical. (Watch the Future of Food and According to Monsanto for a quick learning session about Monsanto.)

Here is Dr. Mark Hyman's article:

All of that said -- Moderation is important with anything. When I discovered at the age of 17 that the food I was eating was the cause of my problems, I was desperate to find food that didn't harm me. I cut out meat, diary, pasta, refined sugar and all artificial substances (such as sucralose, xylital, hydrogenated oils, etc), and my problems rapidly began to dissipate, but because I was lost as to how to replace these "foods" at the time, I started drinking rice milk (on top of granola unsweetened), eating rice crisps, eating brown rice (cooked in vegetable broth), eating rice cakes (plain, not sweetened, often with organic almond butter on top)... Rice was making up 60% of my diet, and my body began to develop new problems.

I believe many people go vegetarian and then do that with soy. Soy milk, soy protein powder (no protein powders are required to stay healthy AT ALL, ever, for anyone, athlete or not, and generally these are harmful -- people have died or had to have surgery due to over eating protein powders), tofu, soy-burgers, soy sauce -- and it goes on and on with the soy "meat" balls, etc! It's insane. And it makes Monsanto love vegetarians. Vegans want to be ethical, then they shouldn't support murderous corporations who literally kill hundreds of people, starve hundreds more, and negatively impact millions all across the world. They're destroying the environment just as badly as massive meat corporations. This is why I don't eat any soy or corn. There are thousands of edible things in this world -- less than 1% of all plants are toxic to the body when they are wild in nature -- and less than 1% of all edible healthy food is found in your typical grocery store. There is no need for soy or corn in the diet, whatsoever.

Why not play it safe and eat none of it?

That's my take on it. Thanks for reading. If you're interested in my personal story and how I came to these understandings, why I'm so convinced and dedicated, my own personal health struggles, etc, then I recommend reading my detailed biography of my health conditions and how I eliminated them provided freely on my website (also with photos of how I used to look in comparison to today):

Good luck on your own journey!

~ Raederle

I hope this gives my readers some perspective on milk and soy. They are not the way to go, as you can see! And I still believe that they are both bad, and that one is not a good way to go over the other. Try coconut juice: much more delicious and healthy than either milk or soy could ever be!

Freelee would also like this information included:

Dr Kradijian wrote a great article here on milk...

"...What if the milk is raw? In a study of randomly collected raw milk samples the bovine leukemia virus was recovered from two-thirds. (Science 1981;


"In England, and Wales where raw milk is still consumed there have been outbreaks of milk-borne diseases. The Journal of the American Medical Association (251: 483, 1984) reported a multi-state series of infections caused by Yersinia enterocolitica in pasteurized whole milk. This is despite safety precautions."

Join the discussion and post your own thoughts in a comment below. I'd love to hear your stories about your experiences with quitting dairy and/or soy and how it has affected you and about your favorite alternatives.

Personally, I no longer ever crave or desire diary, meat or most any packaged food at all. The healthier you become, and the more real whole fresh foods you eat, the more your body recognizes what it needs and rejects what it doesn't need.

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