Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Blog] Stuffed Mushrooms & Coconut Curry Soup

When I first moved to Walnut Creek, California from Buffalo, New York to live with my husband... I was not very healthy. I was so physically out of shape that the walk from this apartment complex to Whole Foods was too far for me. It's about a twenty minute walk, give or take, depending on your pace.

The past couple of weeks I've walked their twice on my own just because I felt like it. I've come along way in less than a year's time. Today, for the first time, my husband and I made the walk twice in one day. It was so nice out that it seemed like a crime not to go out twice.

It was warm, so I decided to dress as light as possible so I could soak up the sun. As I've learned from raw food gurus, the sun won't damage your skin if you're truly free of toxins -- which most of us are not. Even on a 100% raw diet, it'll take years to be truly free of them. However, for those lucky few who have achieved that, they are entirely free of wrinkles even though they spend almost all their time in the sunlight. This is amazing and completely contradictory to what I've always believed. I was an avid sunblock user. I used to never go into the sunlight without sunblock, not even in winter!


I would have never worn something like this and felt so confident and beautiful in the past! I've always needed to use lighting, camera angles, clothing, etc, to make myself seem more attractive than I was. I cleverly hid the fat by using clothing that had slimming effects, and I used to use America's Next Top Model as a quick study of how to pose most effectively.

Now, I just do whatever and it comes out fine. I realize now, watching athletic women dance or do yoga -- they never look silly. If you have a great body, you always look good, no matter how goofy what you're doing is.

I ran over to the tree and spun around energetically, and my husband flashed the picture as I turned:

My camera isn't amazing, so it often blurs, but I still like this anyway:

We sprinted, we skipped, we laughed, we kisses, we marveled at the beauty of nature and the love we share for each other and for this world.

I walked backwards in front of him as he walked towards me and he snapped this photo right before my camera battery decided to quit:

Today we made a delicious feast. It started with a papaya. I don't like plain papaya very much, but I guessed it would make a good smoothie. The end result was a pudding made from one papaya, three bananas, one kiwi, and a quarter cup of fresh coconut juice.

Papaya Pudding

As I was making that, and as we were eating that, my husband was working on making coconut curry soup. It's made from fresh coconut juice, fresh coconut meat, curry powder, fresh hot pepper, fresh bell pepper, a quarter cup of chosen herbs, a few cloves of garlic, the fresh-squeezed juice of one lemon and some cold-pressed organic olive oil. We enjoy it as a salad dressing or with grated parsnip and/or sunflower sprouts or just plain.

Coconut Curry Soup with sprouts

Then we washed some mushrooms and put them in the remainder of the coconut curry soup to marinate. A few hours later I made a stuffing from avocado, mushroom stems, about a half cup of the curry soup, a couple cloves of garlic, coconut aminos, cold-pressed organic olive oil, bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, a large handful of hemp seeds, and cayenne pepper. I put the stuffed mushrooms on a bed of assorted baby greens, some chopped dandelion, chopped kale, etc... It made an excellent dinner.

Tomorrow I'm attending a potluck (with my husband) in San Fransisco. Jillian Love is the host of the group, but a woman named Carey is the owner of the house. I'll be bringing a hemp seed salad and a pomegranate coconut pie.

The pie is entirely nut-free. I've learned that my diet used to be overloaded with nuts, and this is why my results at first were somewhat slow in coming as opposed to some raw foodies who jump into a particular raw program and transform by leaps and bounds in only a couple of weeks.

I've developed this pie recipe myself, and have been perfecting it over the past couple weeks. It's spicy and made from dates, coconut flakes, hemp seeds, coconut curry soup (as part of the topping blended with bananas), and some other delicious things. I'll be making it at the location of the potluck so it'll be freshly blended when consumed.

Spicy Pomegranate Pie

Thanks for reading.


~ Raederle Phoenix


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