Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Article] Hours Lost To Suffering

Something that is continually aggravating to me is people who have the following excuse: "I don't have enough time to get healthy."

This is a load of nonsense, and goes to show that most people just don't know what it means to be healthy. Being healthy means that you're at the top of your game day in and day out, which means you don't have to drive back home for the something you forgot while you were feeling like crap. The more healthy you are, the more clear-headed you are and the less things you forget. The less things you forget, the more time efficient you can be.

The less time you spend being sick, feeling unwell, dealing with an ear infection or a headache, the more time you can read, write, draw, learn, talk, dance, play, run, laugh, bike, iceskake, swim, travel, earn, win, and love! How can you do any of that if you're stuck on the toilet for forty minutes at a time because you're constipated from all that fried junk you ate last night?

And get this: you not only cut back on time in the bathroom, time in the car, and time lost to pain, you also cut down on time in bed. I used to need to sleep nine or ten hours at night to feel remotely rested. Now I feel energetic and excited about life after five to eight hours a night. What a huge difference!

You could mathematically calculate for yourself how much time you waste feeling unwell each month, but I've done the work for you and created a simple survey you can fill out in just two minutes that will tell you how many hours you are losing each month. You can take the survey again in the future to see how much you've progressed!

The Survey: "Lost Hours Test" by Raederle

Self-Taken Photos (With Timer -- As most of my photos are self-taken with the timer) of Raederle Phoenix in February 2011

Location: Iron-Horse Trail in Walnut Creek

This beautiful trail goes between my apartment complex and Whole Foods Markets

Sunfood makes you beautiful!

I've added before and after photos here, check them out!

I jumped a second too soon it seems. Leaping for joy feels great!

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~ Raederle Phoenix

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