Monday, September 13, 2010

[Photo Gallery] Raw Meals

These photos aim to depict full balanced meals.
Photographs taken by Raederle Phoenix.


Breakfast should be small, but can be the sweetest meal of the day. You have the entire day to burn off all the sweet you eat in the morning, so if you're hankering for a pineapple, breakfast is the time to have a few slices.

Breakfast for two.

Fruit breakfast for one or two.

Salad breakfast for one.

Smoothie breakfast for one or two.


Brunch should be light, like breakfast. Enough to see you through to lunch. Can contain sweet fruit, like breakfast, but also should contain vegetables and may contain nuts. Ideally, a green drink should be included for breakfast or brunch.

Brunch for two.

Crabapple, strawberries, blackberries & peach: brunch for two.

Half a grapefruit, a bit of mango, a leaf of kale and raw walnuts: Brunch for one or two.


Lunch should be your largest meal of the day. You still have half the day to burn it off. This is a great time for a fruit smoothie a long with a salad.

Lunch for two.

Lunch & Dessert for two.

Lunch for two. (Fruit salad, salad & smoothie.)


Dessert should not come after dinner. That's too close to bed time and will keep you up at night and prevent you from metabolizing correctly. A great time for dessert is a while after you've finished lunch.

Dessert for two.

Banana pudding for two.

Peaches, chocolate, raw nut butter, & dried fruit for two.


A snack could be a small smoothie, a drink drink, a handful of nuts, a few celery sticks with raw nut butter: you name it. Don't make it too sweet though; the day is almost at the close.

Snack for two.

Snack for one, although it could be for two.

A delicious lettuce wrap for one.

A crab apple is small and makes a perfect snack. A usual apple is quite large and very sweet and should usually be cut into two for sharing or saving for later. (Store in the fridge will fresh cut half lemon with the exposed lemon pressed the exposed inner apple to keep fresh.)

Something else interesting about crab apples is that they are natural: not bred. Many bred fruits have an imbalance of fructose to glucose. There should be a natural balance of 50% of each of these sugar parts, but there isn't anymore in bred fruits. The high level of fructose is hard on your liver and other parts of the body.

My husband, who is highly allergic to apples, just recently discovered that he can eat crab apples without a reaction. His usual reaction to even a couple bites of apple is to be very sick for one to three days.

Seasoned and sprouted raw nuts, quarter of a banana, two apple slices and a few blackberries. Snack for one.


Dinner should be a mighty leafy salad, or a green drink with some nuts. If you're looking for a more robust salad, and don't feel like spinach, kale & cabbage is your boat, then make a salad with fruits that are tremendously sweet, like avocados, tomatoes and bell peppers.

Dinner for two.

The above should feed three or four people.

Dinner salad for one or two.

"Less sweet fruit" salad for one or two.

Sprouts and berries salad for one or two.

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