Friday, September 10, 2010

[Detox Blog] Day 8 of 90


It's always a trade between time and money. You could spend oodles of money on work-out equipment, supplements, instructional DVDs and so forth... Or you could spend a little time and educate yourself about workout methods and effective muscle building foods.

To learn new work-outs I hit the web and search for videos I can watch for free. It's incredible how many short free instructional videos you can find this way. I've started collecting them as I learn from them, in case I want to revisit something to refresh my memory. My workout playlist is only four videos long at the moment, because not every video I watch I feel is worth watching again.

What's great about watching random work-out videos is the information available. Some remind you to breath and teach about breathing techniques. Some remind you to drink water before, during and after your workout. (This is because your lymph node system is only active when you're moving around. If you're working out and not drinking water, then your lymph nodes will try to clear toxins from your body, but instead of being able to flush those toxins, they will simply get moved around in your body.)


I don't have a scale so I can't track how much weight I've lost or gained, but I can certainly tell that my stomach is flatter and more muscular than it's ever been. I can easily attribute that to three things:

  • Not over eating.
  • Drinking green drinks (loaded with fresh live enzymes which become protein within the body).
  • Doing nearly daily yogic exercises & breathing.

Sexy toned six-pack, here I come!

Since I didn't post yesterday, I'll post what I ate yesterday here.

(Yesterday) September 9th 2010 Total Intake:

2 detox pills and 1 enzyme.

3 tall glasses of water.

1 green drink (green onion, celery, carrots & carrot tops, spinach, and cucumber).

1 celery stick filled with raw almond butter.

Most of a banana.

One quarter of lemon.

A small slice of apple (not even two mouth-fulls.)

A few swallows of coconut water.

Note: I'm taking less enzyme pills now because I got a much more powerful enzyme supplement. Unlike most enzyme pills which instruct you to take one before each meal, this one recommends one tablet daily.

I notice that I feel much more energized at the moment than usual. I really like eating so little. I actually feel more satisfied by eating this little than I did when I was eating three times this much. I used to consume one or two apples every day, as well as a banana or a peach, and a mango or a kiwi, and a few nuts, and a large salad or two, and and and and and... It's really just not necessary. All that food just makes you crave more food.

[A bit past midnight...]

I'm trying to lean more towards all-liquids since I've given up on straight-up long-term fasting. Hence, the green drink & the smoothie. Better to have a bit of fruit from the blender than to trust my teeth to actually do enough work to extract all the healthy goodness.

(Today) September 10th 2010 Total Intake:

3 detox pills and 1 enzyme.

3 tall glasses of water.

1 green drink (celery, kale carrots, and spinach).

1 smoothie - half a glass full (my portion was; half a kiwi, half a banana, & a thin slice of mango)

2 handfuls of raw nuts.

A few swallows of coconut water.

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