Thursday, September 16, 2010

[Detox Blog] Day 14 of 90


I'm really no longer feeling deprived about going 100% raw. After making my own raw nut milk, I suddenly feel like I can still make and eat anything I used to eat, only better. My own fresh raw nut milk tastes better than any store-bought milk alternative I've ever tasted. Beyond that, I think it might even be better than milk in the first place.

I can still have granola, I just either need to buy raw granola, or learn to make granola in a new way. Once again, that's not really an issue. I'll just learn, as I have in past. Just like when I took that first baby step and learned to make my own vinaigrette instead of buying it from the store.

After yesterday's magical creation, I'm full of confidence.

So what did I make yesterday? I guess I'll need to make a recipe page for it, huh?


I'm feeling really great doing this exercise plan. I've decided that one push-up is "equal" to five "crunches" and that leg lifts while in the yogic bridge pose (on shoulders, neck & feet with arched back) count as two crunches. Meaning that if I want half an apple and spoonful of almond butter (140 crunches) for breakfast, and then at lunch after a salad I decide I want a raw bar (80 crunches) and realize my abs are sore, I can exchange the 80 crunches for 20 crunches, 20 leg-lifts (20 crunches), 5 bridge leg-lifts (10 crunches), and 6 push-ups (30 crunches). It may sound complicated, but it makes it really easy for me to keep track of. Since I'm always starting with one number that is "crunches" for each food, and only exchanging it if I need to, it keeps it very straight-forward in my mind.

I'm feeling really excellent today.


Going to have my green drink soon. It won't be tasty, in my opinion, but I'm convinced that the daily green drinks are why I'm building muscle faster than I ever have before, even though I've worked out this regularly or more in the past. If you're confused as to why I would think this, then you may like this article.

My husband just brought in another batch of sprouts. I took pictures of them this time. There probably isn't any easier way to keep robust through the winter than sprouts. I ought to write an article about that at some point.

Day 14 of being 100% raw. I'm feeling great.


Random aside, I watched recently a video on dairy and felt so relieved that I don't drink milk anymore and have not for a long time. Drinking puss = disgusting.

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