Monday, September 13, 2010

[Detox Blog] Day 11 of 90


The timing of the farmer's market (Saturday) predetermines how my husband and I have decided to lay out our eating habits.

Saturday & Sunday: Salads, Smoothies, Green Drinks (Everything we have that is ripe and ready to eat.)
Monday & Tuesday: 1 Salad, 1 Smoothie, 1 Green Drink (What's left that is ripe and ready to eat.)
Wednesday & Thursday: 1 Salad or Smoothie, 1 Green Drink
Friday: Water Fast, and maybe one green drink if something needs finishing.

One day a week my husband may have one cooked item. I am allowing myself no such thing. And seriously, I'm getting used to it. It's just a matter of adjustment.

I'm up to taking five detox pills a day now, and a regular IRO every other day.

I would serious recommend doing a water cleanse for as long as you can bare it to anyone trying to go raw, and then trying one of your favorite raw dishes (that is not overly sweet). It's amazing how little food you really want or need after you adjust to not eating for a few days. I notice time and time again that what makes me feel like eating is eating! Especially eating fruits.

If you're feeling addicted to candy, have no fear, there is still dried pineapple, which is basically the same thing except not full of artificially processed garbage.

Speaking of dried fruit, that is something else I'm doing differently than usual. I was eating a little dried fruit everyday prior to this cleanse. Not anymore. Dried fruit is only a tiny step above cooked, folks. It's very sweet and concentrated. If you're trying to reach that optimal 100% raw diet, than dried fruit should be treated like candy: something for rare occasion.


So this morning I was feeling energetic and inspired. I've always considered myself a night owl, but as I become more and more healthy I realize how much I love mornings! Anyway, with my energetic inspiration I made this for breakfast (for my husband and I):

...yellow cauliflower, radishes, raisins, blackberries, home-grown fresh sprouts, raw walnuts, raw pecans, kale, spinach, onions, seasonings, raw almonds, cucumber, celery and half an apple...

And here is what we had for lunch yesterday:

...The fruit salad: half a peach, two crab apples, third of a banana, one strawberry, and a few blackberries.

...The vegetable salad: raw walnuts, raw almonds, raisins, yellow cauliflower, radish, kale, celery, raw seeds, and fresh home-grown sprouts.

...The drink: many many strawberries, a few blackberries, three crab apples, half a peach, two thirds of a banana, a bite of kale, a bite of celery, and a single sprout.

And let me tell you, it was too much food. We were both stuffed after wards. I had made more than I intended because the strawberries were more ripe than I thought, and the peach was a bit ripe and needed eating, and also the crab apples' skin was wrinkling and I thought that indicated they should be eaten as well. We both took enzymes and detox pills with this meal.

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