Friday, September 24, 2010

[Blog] Three Weeks 100% Raw

Raw Granola

Sprouted buckwheat oats, sprouted sunflower seeds, dates, dried apples, fresh banana, coconut cream, home-made milk of pecans & almonds, raw pecans


Week 1

I realized I couldn't keep up the crazy water fast, but also learned that three days of fasting is really effective at diminishing cravings in the first week. I also learned that green drinks (vegetable smoothies) have an astonishingly fast and effective result after consumption. (Think: more energy, less sensitivity to light, and increased awareness.)

Week 2

I learned that small salads and a very small piece of fruit could be deeply satisfying and provide plenty of energy to work out and get through all of my daily activities. It's made me question if I've been grossly over eating my entire life.

I also came up with an exercise plan that I've carefully stuck to in the past two weeks. It's working excellently. I'm starting to see the beginnings of a defined stomach, which is really incredibly to me since I've never had any visible muscle definition on my body previously.

Week 3

I discovered some new alternatives to conventional foods that have made this transition essentially painless.

Bearing in mind that I quit dairy, meat, pastas & breads back in 2007 (and only on rare occasion reneged on it and had a little raw cheese, a small amount of free range meat, or a bit of flourless & sugarless bread.) And sugar I gave up back in 2006 (with only the small exception of organicly milled cane sugar in a dark chocolate bar once or twice a year, and the very rare cup of tea with honey.) So I've already become accustomed to not eating certain things.

With the discovery of coconut cream, however, I stopped feeling like this was a challenge, and began to feel privileged instead. How lucky can I be that I can have my health and eat such delicious food? This was certainly not what I was raised to believe or expect!

Also, last week it was brought to my attention that my way of advertising my way of life tends to be, "Hey, look, I'm cool! So do what I do!" This information came to me from someone who has not known me very long, and thereby doesn't know the long, hard road I've traversed to get here. I was anything but a happy skipping healthy person as a child. I'm so enthusiastic about raw foods and about not eating poisonous lab-made garbage because of the profound impact it's had on my life.

The reason I'm healthy now is not because I'm young and have yet to have problems. In fact, it's the complete opposite. As a child I had a slew of chronic disorders that I've only reversed through a lot of research and hard work.

This person's lack of understanding in that capacity has led me to believe I need an "about me" page on this site to tell my story. I dislike the thought of writing a really long and detailed sob story about how I was sick a lot in the past, but if it will help show others that they can relieve their health problems too, then I won't mind.

Celery with Raw Almond Butter & Avocado

Surprisingly delicious! And I don't even like Celery!

This week I'm luxuriating in my new discoveries. I have raw ice cream in the freezer waiting for dessert after dinner tonight. I have a ripe avocado and a ripe tomato on the counter waiting to be turned into dinner. I am proud of myself. I never thought I could be this happy. Anyone who knew me years ago would be astounded that the same girl who turned her nose up at salads, who shunned being outdoors, who disliked being hugged, who was morbid and depressed could have blossomed into the married woman I am today.

I look forward to what I'll be astounded by in five years.

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